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Well, now I'll show my noob qualities again :D

No-one told me I had to type in cmd as well as the 'dir etc etc' in the run dialogue

It's really kind of an age test, I just remember because I often had to put in a 5.25" diskette in the drive to get back to the command line because it had on it. The other executables were on the other diskette. That was back in the DOS 2.0 days.  ;)

Just hit Win+R and type the one line command in the box, and click OK.
Sidenote: Disadvantage of that, is that the output isn't visible anymore after the command completes, might you need that.

Another sidenote: to run an internal command* like "dir" from Win-R, precede it with cmd /k.

The /k takes care of leaving the cmd window open so you can see if it worked or not, otherwise you can use /c instead.


* "internal" meaning it is inside cmd.exe vs a separate executable

I was just downloading a video from YouTube with the YTD Downloader, and for some reason, thought of a feature in it that I've also put in software, but is really very, very rare.

In the Main UI, you can simply wave your cursor over a text box, and it copies URLs from the clipboard.
 (see attachment in previous post)
It saves a bit of time, but it's really just very cool. I can wave my mouse over the URL input as I move my mouse cursor to the "DOWNLOAD" button. Couldn't be easier.

However, these kinds of things are VERY rare, and really very difficult to implement properly. I don't mean technically difficult, but they're so easy to do, that you could do them everywhere, which is idiotic and makes for crappy software. You have to be very careful where you use these kinds of things.


Just kind of wondering what people generally feel about that sort of thing, and can you name any other "convenience"-type cool features? (I mean those small, tiny, little polish things.)

SunriseXP (program for Windows, used to collect content for Plucker, the classic offline reader app for Palm OS) did that, except, no mouse waving required. If the last thing copied to the clipboard was a URL, it was there waiting for you in the URL field. Very convenient.

Living Room / Re: Shit Apple Fanatics Say
« on: September 23, 2012, 08:15 AM »
This Samsung commercial seems to start out a little like the video in the original post:

Find And Run Robot / Re: New CPanel alias discussion and suggestions
« on: September 21, 2012, 11:04 PM »
What is different about cpanel? Mine's altered, so maybe that is why I am not seeing any changes. Does it still pull from %FARRDIR%\scripts?

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