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 I like  lanux128's idea, here's another thought

PDF Creator has a command line option to convert a file to PDF
/IF<input-filename> /OF<output-filename>
Convert a postscript file to a PDF or bitmap. The /OF parameter must be used in conjunction with the /IF parameter. To set the output file format, include the file extension in the output file name. There is NO space between the parameters and the file names.
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\" /OF"C:\description.pdf"
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\" /OF"C:\description.tif"

It doesn't accept a URL, though. I did see a command line url to mht converter out there if you want to be a guinea pig. (I haven't tried it). Then you might be able to do that in two lines of a batch file, the first line converting the url to mht, the second one converting the mht to pdf. There may be a better intermediary than MHT, I was just thinking of it because it preserves images.

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice on keyboard shortcuts.
« on: April 24, 2010, 10:31 PM »
If you're looking for something quite powerful, light on resources, but without any eye candy, then HotkeyP is the solution.

I've been looking for something that could remap multimedia keys, glad you mentioned it.

TapTap / I use TapTap to launch Launchy
« on: April 23, 2010, 01:57 PM »
I am another happy TapTap user.

I use it to launch Launchy with Ctrl Ctrl. Seems to make some logical sense because it is next to the Win key, which in Vista/Windows 7 does kind of a weak version of a Launchy/FARR thing with the Start menu if you press the Win key.

I have it send an Alt-F13 (a key I can't press accidentally and which is unlikely to be a conflicting hotkey with any application, UNLIKE Alt-Space which is the Launchy default), and I have Launchy hotkey configured Alt-F13.

Although I don't really call myself a programmer, I do tend to have pretty strong opinions on programmery things. :o

1. I share f0dder's skepticism that batch is a gateway language to C++ and also his statement that "you have to work around instead of with the language to get things done." However, I think it is still worth learning batch in itself, it is becoming kind of a lost art and there is still value in it as a Windows user. No comment on Java.

2. I have a few links related to creating advanced batch files.

<a href="">Timo Salmi's Assorted Batch Tricks</a>
<a href="">Ritchie Lawrence's Batch Function Library</a>
<a href="">HFSlip - a complete slipstreaming tool for Windows 2000/XP written as a 30+ page batch file</a>

3. I agree with MilesAhead's recommendation of AutoIt3 for a nice scripting, get-things-done type language, especially in conjunction with Scite4Autoit3 and the Koda Form Designer. Autoit3 is much like Autohotkey, with a little more humane syntax, I think. The help file is very good too, every function has a nice short example.

Living Room / Re: Should I swtich from w7 32 bit to w7 64 bit?
« on: April 13, 2010, 11:35 AM »
I always forget about chipset drivers too, I had forgotten this, but when I bought my motherboard, I did actually seek out one that the manufacturer claimed was compatible with Windows 7 64-bit.

I also assume that if off-the-shelf computers actually work with an operating system it didn't ship with, it's merely coincidental. I don't picture HP saying "Oh, no, the user can't upgrade the computer, he'll have to buy one of our newer computers!" And if you're shipping a computer with 32 bit Windows, there actually is not much point in making it upgradable beyond 4 GB of memory. I see some off the shelf computers are shipping with 64 bit these days, I haven't checked their memory upgradability.

If you don't want to see more than 3GB of memory in the OS, I see very little point in going 64 bit. But I am repeating myself.

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