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I am using Outpost Security Suite.

Is this the common factor in all your problems? ;)

Seriously, I'm wondering if there was something else you were going to say because this statement seems to stand alone and I'm too dense to understand how it relates to this issue. Did Outpost give you any additional information regarding tcpip.sys?

General Software Discussion / Re: Universal Extractor
« on: May 14, 2010, 06:58 AM »
It really is quite difficult for me to install this Universal Extractor, because Outpost Security Suite will at once quarantine several parts of it, as being malware.

False positives are to be expected to some extent in any antivirus, but if it is flat out quarantining it, that seems crazy. It would bad enough if it were merely one of those so called antivirus programs that mindlessly flagged it as suspicious because of UPX compression.

Thanks, Perry.

My first teaser screen shot (EDITED: moved to Post #1)

General Software Discussion / Re: Universal Extractor
« on: May 14, 2010, 06:27 AM »
It integrates into Windows Explorer very nicely out of the box. In fact, that's usually the only way I run it. I guess I should feel lucky I use the built in file manager  8). Or perhaps that I have simple needs.

Off topic, but do you recognize the background picture? (Personally I think the car entered the the building from the outside. Can you say, government coverup?  ;) )

General Software Discussion / Re: What is your preferred font?
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:02 AM »
And recently, messing around with an Autoit3 script in SCite, I was struck by how much easier the proportional fonts are to read than the monospaced ones are at similar sizes (trying both Consolas and Dina).

One thing I noticed about the SciTEforAutoit3 defaults is that they use an awful lot of boldface and italic. Turned all that off, and Dina looks 100% better and I think I'll stick with it for a while.

unless[/i] you have a friend in IT that can re-ghost a machine

Maybe that's what he was trying to avoid. :)

Apparently, this fixes my problem 9and it did!):

I'm always amazed by all the stuff available on the internet for fixing problems like this.  I need to learn to stop fiddling around with my company's computers.  One day, I'm going to get myself in deep doo doo.

And I'm amazed that worked. Fixes the GINA value? There must be no such thing, I would have heard of it, lol. Doug has a nice site there, I'll check it out.

Found some information about it. If you follow the URLs to Microsoft KB's on the issue, it says that some programs by Symantec and Cisco do something very virus-like (to me) and overwrite Windows files:

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / NANY 2011 Release: TaskDaddy Release
« on: May 13, 2010, 09:53 AM »
    NANY 2011 Entry Information

    Application Name TaskDaddy
    Short Description TaskDaddy takes a single line of input from you and turns it into an Outlook task without having to open the full interface of Outlook. It's intended to be a quick way to input tasks. It is inspired by Bob Menke's Add Task script, written in VBScript. TaskDaddy, however, is written in AutoIt3. It works as both a GUI and a command line tool.
    Supported OSes Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 (32 or 64bit)
    Web Page
    Download LinkSeptember 19, 2010 Release (formerly known as Pre Release): * (530.38 kB - downloaded 1780 times.)
    System Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (32 or 64bit)
    • Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010. Outlook Express doesn't use the Outlook object model and will not work.
    Version History
    • September 19, 2010 Pre Release: * (530.38 kB - downloaded 1780 times.)
      • Fixed label wrapping bug.
      • Fixed duplicate GUI window bug.
      • "Skip" and "Cancel All" buttons added to the GUI window when confirming individual tasks in file input (using /f and /p).
      • Blank lines now ignored when using file input.
      • Help file completely reorganized and rewritten, some of the changes include (1) the command line interface de-emphasized; (2) removal of screenshots with old name LaserTask, including the examples of command line use within shortcuts; and (3) removal of version number from help file.
    • June 26, 2010 Pre Pre Pre Alpha:  Changed UI font from "Segoe UI" to the OS default GUI font (Segoe UI or Tahoma, as needed). Segoe UI is included in Office 2007, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This is the only difference between this and the June 24 release
    • June 24, 2010 Pre Pre Pre Alpha:
    Author daddydave

    TaskDaddy takes a single line of input from you and turns it into an Outlook task without having to open the full interface of Outlook. It's intended to be a quick way to input tasks into Outlook. It can be used by anyone who wants to put tasks into Outlook, but power users may want to take advantage of the command line interface which allows input of tasks from the command line. Potential applications of the command line interface are Windows shortcuts, Task Scheduler, adding tasks from FARR or Launchy, etc.

    You can create Outlook tasks from a compact GUI, from the command line, or from an input file.

    Planned Features
    The interface for the combined use of the -p and -f options could use some work. For example, Skip and Cancel buttons and a progress indicator would be nice.
    At some point I want to put in a merge option so that you can have a list of "things" instead of a list of tasks, and a user specified template is used to convert those things to tasks. I'm still thinking about the syntax.

    See under the Using the Application section.

    For now: Unzip the .exe and the .chm file to the same folder. Make sure that subfolder is not a subdirectory of %ProgramFiles% or %ProgramFiles(x86)% in case it needs an .ini file at some point in its evolution. Although by that time, hopefully I have an installer.

    Using the Application

    Please excuse for now the fact that the screenshots reflect the old name LaserTask.

    TaskDaddy has both a graphical user interface (GUI) and a command line interface. If you launch TaskDaddy by double clicking on the executable file or a simple shortcut, you will get the GUI interface.


    By pressing Enter, you instruct TaskDaddy to create an Outlook task called "Call cellphone company" in the @Calls category, with "call from landline" in the body of the task.

    You can also use a similar syntax on the command line. It is recommended to put the task description in double quotation marks, unless the actual task contains double quotation marks:

    taskdaddy "@@Calls Call cellphone company :call from land line #1/1/2010"

    Here I have added a due date of 1/1/2010 using the # character. TaskDaddy should respect the shortdate syntax of your region.

    Another way to use the command line interface is by adding the task syntax to a Windows shortcut target.


    From the command line, you can also use a kind of file input interface. Suppose you have a file with a list of tasks in it:

    @@Errand Pick up birthday cake
    @@Errand Pick up balloon kit
    @@Home Blow up balloons

    If the list of tasks is saved in a file called tasklist.txt, the syntax

    taskdaddy -f tasklist.txt

    can be used to add all three tasks at once.

    Of course, all the command line options can be used in Windows shortcuts as well, as shown below.


    To pause or prompt before creating a task, use the -p command line option. This forces TaskDaddy to use the GUI interface. (Note GUI mode will happen automatically if you just double click the TaskDaddy.exe or a simple "drag and drop" shortcut, no -p switch is necessary.)This can also be used in combination with -f option which specifies an input file, so that you are prompted for each task in the file.

    Any command line arguments which are not options are combined into a single task. In practice, this means you can usually either use double quote characters or not, so that for example:

    taskdaddy "@@Home Recycle the bottles #6/2 :in the garage" /p

    is the same as

    taskdaddy @@Home Recycle the bottles #6/2 :in the garage /p

    Options may begin with either the - character or the / character, so -p and /p are equivalent.

    Delete the .exe and .chm file from the folder created during installation. If nothing else is in the folder, you may delete the folder.

    Known Issues
    • TaskDaddy currently does not accept spaces in categories.

    Original Pledge Post
    I've been working on something like this and this but written in AutoIt3.

    It will be a fairly trivial program to create Outlook tasks, with a few more features. Handy for launching from Farr, Launchy, and the like. Or even from shortcuts, lol.

    Certainly by Jan 1, 2011, hopefully sooner.

    I have a help file for it, and a semi working version, but I am completely rewriting the command line argument parsing part of it and I may have to change the syntax. If I do, it's better until I wait for that part of it to be done before posting it.


    General Software Discussion / Re: Universal Extractor
    « on: May 13, 2010, 05:02 AM »
    I'm also a fan of Universal Extractor. The only way I could get .NET 3.5 Mobile installed on my Dell Axim was to extract the .CAB file from setup and install that. I've also used it to make custom installs for myself (another of my useless hobbies I had to abandon ;) )

    By "crippled" I meant it had reduced/hobbled functionality. As I recall, the 2005 Express edition did not allow compiling a full fledged GUI app, only a command line console app. Can't say if the newer "Express" version has these sorts of limitations...
    -widgewunner (May 12, 2010, 11:30 PM)

    I've played around with both 2005 and 2008 versions of Visual C++ and both alllowed compiling GUI apps. My recollection is this. With 2005, you had to do some extra work to be able to complile non-dotnet apps, but once you did, you were set. In 2008, it was built in. Can't say for 2010. One limitation I did notice is that the Express 2008 version didn't let you compile Windows Mobile apps.

    General Software Discussion / Re: What is your preferred font?
    « on: May 12, 2010, 04:07 PM »
    Eóin: how on earth can you live with a variable width font for coding? BLASPHEMER! Hell, for coding, anything else than Dina is blasphemy in my eyes.

    Funny you should say that. I always thought so, but now I wonder if that's just a habit learned from the days of 80 column screens. And recently, messing around with an Autoit3 script in SCite, I was struck by how much easier the proportional fonts are to read than the monospaced ones are at similar sizes (trying both Consolas and Dina). (I wear bifocals if that matters.) Although the spaces are too narrow for my preferred 4 space indent. I should probably continue this experiment with other text editors.

    So, you think that we're entering a plum age?
    -cranioscopical (May 12, 2010, 12:20 PM)

    ???  :huh:

    plumage = plum age

    Skrommel, the legendary coding snacks coder finally gave in and has recompiled his huge collection of utilities hosted on DonationCoder, but we are still waiting for the new versions to be uploaded on his page -- I think this may be a case where we all need to nag him on the forum to show him how much we appreciate his work.  If you haven't visited it in a while, stop by his section and take a look, and send him a message telling him to update the files already!

    Does he need to write a coding snack to compile and upload his coding snacks?  :D

    ProcessTamer / Re: How to make ProcessTamer "UAC-friendly"?
    « on: May 07, 2010, 12:04 PM »
    I think you can do that from Scheduled Tasks (instead of putting it in the Startup folder). How-to Geek has a nice how-to.

    Except I would skip the "Create the Shortcut to Start the Task" section. I think you can create a scheduled task to run at at startup, he doesn't show that in the how-to.

    Living Room / Re: KVM switch woes -- any recommendations?
    « on: May 05, 2010, 12:32 PM »
    Unfortunately one of the computers I want to connect with it is a work laptop so installing software is probably not an option for me. The powered Iogear one seems to be getting pretty good reviews and it is self-powered so I can see how that one might be a better hardware option than what I had.

    Here are some of reviews for it:;ved=0CAsQ9AIwADgA

    The title says it all. In FARR, can I have an alias like +t without the + being treated specially? Or in other words, if I want to type +t in the FARR search, and have it act as if I typed +t +alias.

    If no, that's cool, for now I am just curious whether it's possible.

    General Software Discussion / Re: XML editor
    « on: May 04, 2010, 01:48 PM »
    It's been a while since I've had a need to edit XML, but I always liked <a href="">WMHelp's XMLPad</a> best, also freeware. It can validate-as-you-type based on your XML schema file (XSD or DTD) and seemed the most straightforward of all the ones I tried at the time.

    Living Room / Re: KVM switch woes -- any recommendations?
    « on: May 04, 2010, 12:11 PM »
    Thanks to all for all the suggestions and insight. Now I have to decide.

    Paragon Backup 9.5, normally $49.95, free today until 9AM Eastern time on May 4.


    I have no affiliation, and I have no opinion of the product. I found out about it here.
     One of the comments says it is not incompatible with Windows 7, I haven't tested it myself yet. I installed the 64 bit version on Windows 7 just now.

    Ah, I should have posted here:


    Living Room / KVM switch woes -- any recommendations?
    « on: May 03, 2010, 05:57 PM »
    I have a little KVM switch and I am not too satisfied with it:

    It works fine, until it doesn't. When I first got it, it started reinstalling the mouse and keyboard every time I flipped between the two machines (a laptop and a desktop, if that matters). Finally for the most part, they stayed installed. But the mouse cursor gets stuck in one spot frequently (at least daily) and I have to unplug it from the desktop machine. To get to the USB port I have to unplug the monitor cable as well. The other day I unplugged and replugged everything for several minutes and it still wasn't working. I don't know if I got a bad one, or if that's just the way it is for this. I leaning toward that's just the way it is. It seems to be basically unplugging the usb and plugging it back in, hence the constant reinstall that I experienced initially. I know this type of device was more reliable in my memory, back when all the keyboard and mouse ports were PS/2 style. If I recall correctly, the good ones held some power, sparing the motherboard from the shock of constantly unplugging the PS/2 connectors. It seems I need the same for USB, I was trying to go bargain basement, but that seems to be a fail. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. By the way, this may not be a typical use: usually only one computer will actually be powered up.

    Living Room / Re: Ergonomic mouse and keyboard
    « on: April 29, 2010, 05:10 PM »
    I have been using Microsoft's Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 for some months and absolutely love it.

    Can you give me the the dimensions of keyboard? I am considering one, and curious whether it would fit in my keyboard drawer (not that I'm really a fan of keyboard drawers, but there is kind of a house rule to "hide" things.) One I thought I could use was too tall.

    EDIT: Never mind, I see the PDF with specs at the link.

    I agree with mouser.

    If you do a lot of this, you might look into software that can slipstream drivers and application installs (HFSLIP, nLite, vLite), but for two machines, it's not going to save you any time (but you would learn a lot :) )

    Gives new meaning to the word crapware.

    On your page, 'DropCommand' has wrongly been named "RunToClose" (the second one).

    I noticed that, and went and found this thread again to figure out why the name changed.
    You can see the incorrect name here. The name is correct at the top of the page, only incorrect at the screenshot.

    Wondering if there is a command line equivalent of right clicking on a URL shortcut and hitting print and having it figure out what to do based on the what Print verb for the URL filetype says in the registry.

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