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Security by obscurity..Nuff said!

Nice flowchart from the Stickies help file.
Screenshot - 6_10_2010 , 9_06_42 PM.png

I just grabbed this screenshot off the CSDiff web site.
I really like the friendly view file comparison, this is what I was calling "Microsoft Word" tracking style (although Microsoft probably didn't invent it).
CSDiff has not been updated since 2005, however, so I'd like to reconsider what's out there. Do any of the others above have this feature?

Living Room / I'm not George Jetson anymore!
« on: June 10, 2010, 01:47 PM »
Finally remembered had an old avatar I drew lying around somewhere...

As far as locking the extension, I would think WinPatrol can do this, but I am not sure. Then again, it didn't say squat about Thunderbird changing the mailto: handler. EDIT: It's supposed to monitor file extension changes, maybe I missed the warning.

For editing the file association, the icon, and all the "verbs" associated with the file type, NirSoft FileTypesMan is the best I've seen. I know Vista and Windows 7 cripple some of this functionality, so I went looking, and it was pretty ugly out there until I found it.


EDIT: Added screenshot (from the web site, not my Windows 7 x64 system.)

On my first re-boot, the savings on boot-up were a little over 2 minutes off my 6-minute boot-up time. After some more tweaking after that, and then a huge Windows Update today,  the time has gone back up to 6:03 minutes, so there's still more tweaking required, methinks.

That Windows update was something, wasn't it? Did you see a message about 30,000 registry changes when it came back up? This happened immediately after I tweaked with Soluto, so it made me think it caused it. It did increase boot time and there was nothing else I could tweak, everything was in the block of mandatory tasks.

I installed this and accepted all their recommendations except delaying Avast and WinPatrol and seeing if it breaks anything.

I don't know how useful is, but is a pretty user interface.

It seemed a little too mouse sensitive to me, had to hover over task several times in some cases to click on it.

All right, hulkbuster, I owe you one. Let me tackle the WinImage question.

If you check this page, it gives this information for WinImage 5.0:

Contains the Win32 Intel version in English for Windows NT-x86, Windows 95 and Windows 3.1+Win32s, with the WinImage self-extractor.
311,365 bytes (approx. 1 minute 30 seconds at 28.8 K)

So there is no surprise that it doesn't run in Windows 98. The author is aware of it, that's why newer versions exist.

Please also note your own quote. "If you are running MSDOS + Windows 3.1x, you need to install Win32s 1.30." means just what it says, there was no reason to install Win32s on Windows 98. Windows 3.1 was the version of Windows prior to Windows 95. Microsoft wanted to give developers a head start on writing 32-bit applications back during the 16 bit Windows 3.1 days. That is the only reason Win32s ever existed. As I understand it, what Win32s did was let some 32bit programs run on the 16-bit Windows 3.1.

Hope this helps.

General Software Discussion / Re: Quizo QTTabbar
« on: June 09, 2010, 01:03 PM »
Cool. I'm still going to install it, I'm going to think harder about using it the most efficiently, and I'll try to consider features as a whole instead of in isolation like I did above.

General Software Discussion / Re: Quizo QTTabbar
« on: June 09, 2010, 08:34 AM »
Also, you can drag to the folders in the tree in the left margin. Finally, copy to, or move to, or cut&paste, are fast&easy because they are buttons on your toolbar.

More bullseyes, basically. It's not just mouse distance, it's also that I slow down to make sure I hit the smaller grouping of pixels. FWIW I am nearsighted and wear bifocals, and I am the world's worst dart player.

None of this means there is something wrong with the interface. It's not that I never use toolbar buttons or click on tabs. I am just trying to figure out if there is some benefit of installing this, and if this is an actual improvement.

General Software Discussion / Re: Quizo QTTabbar
« on: June 09, 2010, 07:39 AM »
Anyway, with QTTabbar, you can just click "Options > Window > Capture new Explorer processes", and "Options > General > Activate new tab, +(and/or),  reuse existing tab (or, open in new tab)".

I wasn't aware, and that would definitely help, I think. I didn't care for tabs in Firefox until I was able to force all tabs into the same window using Tab Mix Plus. Looks like I'll be giving it another shot (once it is out of alpha).

EDIT 2: Then again if I am dragging and dropping a file from one folder to another, isn't it more mouse movement if I have to aim for the tab bullseye instead of having the whole target window to aim for?

EDIT 3: I guess that's not a given either, since I'm not sure how far I'm dragging to the other window. If you see me holding a wooden ruler to my monitor, you'll know why.

General Software Discussion / Re: Quizo QTTabbar
« on: June 09, 2010, 05:06 AM »
Interesting history. I think from now on every developer must consider putting a "vanished from the face of earth" clause in their license agreement if they want to prevent this kind of thing.

I think I had this installed when I was using Vista (apparently the original author's QTTabbar), but I never could get out of the habit of just opening two Explorer windows instead of going to a tab.

General Software Discussion / Re: Specs for new pc?
« on: June 08, 2010, 04:41 PM »
I also use Ketarin to keep my current preferred app installers folder up to date

Ketarin looks interesting, especially this part:

Run custom commands after downloading

Sounds like it could run custom silent installs.

General Software Discussion / Re: Specs for new pc?
« on: June 08, 2010, 04:36 PM »
Ninite takes care of installing the usual suspects quite easily.

I was using AppSnap for the same purpose. Unfortunately I think it has been discontinued, I think I caught this on the author's twitter feed. It had a huge database of apps, whereas Ninite seems to have only a handful. Now I use the FileHippo updater for this purpose and trying to figure out a way to make those kick off install automatically and then delete the setup file after installing.

Well they did fix the decades-old (it seems) print selected bug, at least in the Dev channel.  :Thmbsup:

It's come a long way extension wise, but still missing a few of my faves.

Then again, we're talking about the newspaper that published legendary headlines like "Headless Bodies in Topless Bars",

At least they're doing it on purpose. I remember seeing in my hometown newspaper "Oldest Living Man Dead" and I was going to send someone a link, but online they had already changed the headline.

Hopefully this is the phase where "all ideas are on the table" including flying a little person on a kite.

Reminds me of the Fairness Doctrine, so I think it is unlikely but not impossible, and a good thing to keep a watch on.

Circle Dock / Re: CircleDock Hotkeys with 2 non-toggle keys
« on: June 08, 2010, 11:16 AM »
I am curious to try to new release once it comes. I was attempting to map the calculator key to the CircleDock show/hide toggle (I used Win-Shift-C I think) using Intellitype and it almost worked but for some reason it acted as if it was still holding the Win key down afterwards, so if I hit R, it would act as if I hit Win-R for example until I hit the Win key myself. This may not have been CircleDock's fault, but if the original keyboard coding was sloppy and you rewrote it, I wonder if works correctly now. Either way, doesn't really matter, it's just a curiosity.

By the way, it is pretty easy to accidentally fail to record a Win key up state in the Intellitype macro software, but I checked that and tried a known good macro and had the same issue.

General Software Discussion / Re: Specs for new pc?
« on: June 08, 2010, 08:25 AM »
True. But there's always free tools like PC Decrapifier for situations where a machine is loaded with as much junk as you can shake a stick at. This utility has made getting rid of junk so easy that even a relative neophyte could handle it.

So many intangibles here. I ran that tool one time and was a little proud and confused that it didn't find anything.

Anything that allows you to make your own disk image recovery set. Macrium Reflect is an excellent choice for Windows machines.

I really like Macrium. They even use the word "whilst" on their website. ;D :Thmbsup:

Clonezilla will do the same (plus a whole lot more) for for any OS, including Windows.

There's a DC thread running on this topic over here.

Agree. Mostly. But as I get older, I'm finding (for me) it is more about saving time. More about getting it done correctly with the least amount of unnecessary effort.

I like to think that the bit about saving time is true for me as well, but it's surprising how easily it is for me to rationalize things that consume time as having educational value. For a while, I was making my own unattended  Windows install disks with my own preferred apps, drivers, and tweaks. I found a tool called HFSLIP that supported by habit along with Virtual PC, and even went as far as writing an AutoIt3 script to bulk edit INF files to help with driver slipstreaming. It became a time consuming hobby because I wanted to get everything perfect, when I went to Vista, which wasn't supported by HFSLIP, it gave me a chance to quit cold turkey, which I did. Recently I came to know that sadly the authors of HFSLIP had to kill it because they were getting harrassed by people demanding free support for use in their corporate environments! I'm going to give that a separate thread when I get around to it. I started making unattended install disks with HSLIP out of a desire to have one of those recovery disks the box store people had that would install my core list of apps instead of a bunch of things I don't need.

General Software Discussion / Re: Specs for new pc?
« on: June 08, 2010, 05:28 AM »
You can almost always get a better deal either going directly to the manufacturer or one of the reputable mail order suppliers.

Do you mean ordering from HP or Dell directly, is there a specific vendor you recommend?

General Software Discussion / Re: Specs for new pc?
« on: June 08, 2010, 04:59 AM »

FWIW, it's also not too difficult to get rid of that junk. It's certainly less work than loading a fresh copy of Windows, installing updates, loading drivers (and doing that in the correct sequence), updating those, installing recovery software, building recovery disks, running get the picture.

Actually I don't. Surely the easiest way to get rid of crapware is not to install it in the first place, is it not? On my own systems, I haven't had an issue with drivers having to be installed in the correct sequence since Windows 98 at the latest.  What recovery software are you referring to? I do have a curated list of software that gets installed on a new system, but if I had an off the shelf system, I would additionally have to have a curated list of software that gets uninstalled.

I'm glad there's less crapware on a standard install than there used to be. Guess how much crapware I would like. Also I don't have a lot of experience with choosing a vendor that bundles the fewest unwanted apps, but I do have a lot of experience installing and tweaking Windows from a bare install. A lot of it is about leveraging existing skill sets.

But I agree with a lot of what you say, nowadays it is not so much saving money or time as having control. And my thinking evolved in the formative years of the PC industry, where you had to think like a hobbyist, for me personally it is hard to give up that control. Kind of the same reason I don't want a Mac. (I guess Linux advocates would say the same about Windows.)

General Software Discussion / Re: Specs for new pc?
« on: June 08, 2010, 04:36 AM »
If you build it yourself you have complete control over what goes into the PC. With a system builder you have to deal with what they think is best...and even worse, deal with what they think is acceptable to cut corners on.

Amen to that. You may not save any money making your own sausage, but you know what goes in it.

Cutting corners on memory is my peeve.  I will cut corners myself, but even then I have control over what I cut corners on.

Thanks for the tip about XFX cards.

General Software Discussion / Re: Specs for new pc?
« on: June 07, 2010, 05:12 AM »
Why bother building it for those simple needs? You're not going to save much money (especially if you include your time in the equation) vs. a system builder.

- Oshyan
Mostly true, but a few advantages remain:

  • Off-the-shelf systems tend to bundle memory according to how high-end the other specs are. I would have paid a lot more for an off-the-shelf system with 8GB memory, but I didn't need a processor, graphics card, or audio that was on the high end.
  • It's nice to buy an OEM Windows disk instead of a disk with the manufacturer's crapware bundled with the OS.
  • Easier to fix the computer yourself using off the shelf parts instead of the manufacturer's parts deliberately overpriced to sell extended warranties (at least it was that way when I worked at CompUSA a long time ago)

Try starting with a Motherboard/CPU/Cooler combo that meets your requirements and go from there.

As sword stated, you boot from the MSDOS 6.22 floppy.
Then, at the command line, issue the "sys" command with the designation of your hardrive.  For example
sys c:

It will install the three (hidden) OS files on the C drive.  That's it!

Um, no. Be nice.

Well, I haven't owned any Apple stuff ever, although I did some stuff on the Apple ][ (pronounced "two") when I was in college, and in a previous job touched a machine running Microsoft Entourage for Mac on occasion. If I think of the iPad as an a ebook reading appliance, it's somewhat tempting. But it's not really in my budget, and I'm waiting for the One True Ebook Reader to emerge before I commit, or else just read ebooks on my PDA.

Isn't it the only ebook reader that's in color? Which was the same deal with the Apple ][ for a while. Plus, I could watch Netflix instant watch on it. But for the price I could get a nice PDA on ebay which to my mind would be more powerful (no stinking app store for one thing).

If I think of it as an appliance, well, you don't expect to be able to install whatever software you want on an appliance, such as a toaster. Unless Even if it's a Cylon..hmm, tangent there.

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