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Living Room / Re: The entitled generation....Are they right?
« on: May 05, 2009, 01:05 PM »
My sister is a high school teacher here in Toronto.  She is constantly bothered by the fact that many of the students lack basic comprehension skills.   School is preparation for the 'real' world as Darwin said.  You go to a job and feel if you just show up and do the minimal amount of work required, you will be okay.  Maybe so in certain types of employment.  If however you wish to enter any of the professions or trades where pressure is constantly applied to produce, you are going to be in big trouble.  Failing at various endeavors can produce two results; you will strive harder to achieve a better outcome thereby improving yourself, or, you will abandon that particular endeavor as not being conducive to your likes, dislikes or ambitions in whatever regards.  Growing up I was constantly told sink or swim, the three 'G's, get a job, go to school or get out by my parents.  A bit harsh but effective for me.  If you failed a course at school you either went to summer school to improve your marks or didn't bother.  If you didn't bother, this would diminish your overall average which in effect would influence you future prospects should you had wished to pursue post-secondary education thus limiting your employment prospects.  Yes, they did fail you despite showing up and doing the course assignments if you did not comprehend  what was being taught.  With that being said I don't purport to say that the current system or the time I attended school is better or worse.  As with anything there are probably pros and cons.  My references are anecdotal  as I am not basing any of my perceptions on research. Two of my nephews are in University and another one is in the trades.  Guess who has the best employment prospects?  It appears that the trades are not actively encouraged and as a result there is a dearth of trades people resulting in high demands for such.  The trades are not being promoted as viable alternatives to University.  To my thinking today's youth are in an unenviable position, the pressure is on!    As for pirating software movies, games etc, I suspect it has to do with lack of disposable income.  A popular refrain amongst kids I speak with is 'Why buy it if you can get it for free?'.  Their reasoning being that they don't have the funds to procure these items. Factor in peer pressure which causes embarrassment and and loss of esteem in some instances.  For many, appearances are all such as who has the latest 'thing', you get my drift.   That is the reasoning many have relayed to me.  I think many in previous 'generations' suffered from this when they were teenagers and young adults.  They just didn't have access to today's technology in order to download pirated copies of media items, software etc.  From my prospective, there is no excuse for this as someone worked to create something and presumably worked hard and should therefore be compensated accordingly.  I doubt most are exceedingly wealthy as a result of their toils.  On the other hand easy access to pirated software, music etc was not available as it is now.  Who knows if the people of my generation would have resorted to the same actions had they the current technology at their disposal? 

Living Room / Re: The entitled generation....Are they right?
« on: May 04, 2009, 07:28 PM »
This type of self-entitlement appears to be endemic in other areas of life such as education.  The students seem to think they are entitled to good grades for showing up to class and handing in their assignments on time.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: BenuBird Pro is now freeware!
« on: May 04, 2009, 12:14 PM »
BTW — don’t worry, if you’re a paid-for-customer of the original Benubird Pro, we appreciate your support and we’re going to be offering you a free-upgrade to the commercial Benubird PDF Pro upon release.
  I sent this question to the developer on their blog.  BenuBird Pro.  According to the response I received, the free version will be modeled along the lines of those of AVG and AVG Pro.  So I'm assuming there will be a paid for version and a free version offered up in the future release based upon AVG and other software which offer similar proprietary and free versions as well.

Found Deals and Discounts / BenuBird Pro is now freeware!
« on: May 02, 2009, 09:26 AM »
Hello.  Whilst perusing the Bits du Jour site I came across an announcemnt in the Pulse section that Benubird Pro was being relaunched as BenuBird PDF and is now freeware.  Here is the link to the BenuBird site.   BenuBird Pro   

Living Room / Re: How many people does it take to fix a phone?
« on: April 18, 2009, 10:20 AM »
Just Google businesses which buy and resell refurbished phone.  They are in the appear to be infinite!

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