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Spot On lanux128.  Thank you.  A simple matter of copying the script and dragging it to a bookmark "bar".  Of course it's only simple if you have someone who knows help.  Thanks again.

The google search url below has a number of entries that describe how to add a string to the end of the search query in the ADDRESS BAR that will filter results within time periods (by dates). It looks like this   &as_qdr=d;as_qdr%3Dd&hl=en&rlz=1C1GGLS_enUS339US339&num=50&newwindow=1&output=search&tbs=qdr:y&tbo=1

The "idea" is to have a way of adding this with one tap.

General Software Discussion / Re: What the hell is OpenCandy?
« on: May 14, 2009, 10:39 PM »
Hm-mm.  Good discussion here about many sensitive issues: downloading transparency, up front information, what is an ad and what constitutes spying. Perfect subjects for the DC site.

I for one when first reading about Open Candy thought the concept seemed somewhat benign, even after reading and re-reading "opposite" sides of the issue.

Until I viewed the 'video'.  This is "in you face" advertising.  Of course so is most marketing online and to me it's only the Internet version of floor posters in the grocery aisles. Those I never read. However, Open Candy requires that you read their advertising and read it closely and become a participant, willing or otherwise, by tapping your options. 

Lastly, this concept lends itself well to a shifting baseline, that is, will this style of marketing creep into general use?  Probably, especially when 'names' are throwing money at it, and those (like me) who would rather burn and loot than sell-out, fade away.


Hope it's OK to jump in here for quick comment.  I feel that one becomes accustomed to just about any visual change/flash/momentary icon color when you know it's going to or supposed to happen.  For instance all that might be necessary for most users may be a change in the tray "clipboard" icon color, or a momentary indication on near the position of the copy/or paste.

Well, I'm beginning to see how difficult it is to "whittle" down a lot of bright ideas, so, thats my take and hope it can help for the future.  Thanks for your attention.


For users who may not be able to or want an audio confirmation sound on capture, is there a way, or could there be a way, to have some kind of visual confirmation/indication "fire" when copying or pasting?  Thanks.

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