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I'm going to just wing this comment since I have experience with all of these POD (print on demand) sites and have 'stores' on all also, so forgive any rambling.  Cafe Press has the name that is most recognizable for most T buyers (T=any merchandise), on-line buyers. Zazzle is number two, with Printfection, (they have some very creative stores and commercial artists with pages on the site but their stated business model is more towards Business to Business) and Spreadshirt are in the running but not in as well know a position as the others.

From my experience:

Printfection has the best quality.
Cafe press the most offerings.
Zazzle the most variety .
Spreadshirt best price.

Here's the takeaway for an occasional T buyer (maybe like JavaJones):

Prices are not going to be a lot different when shipping is figured in between all of the above.

If you want a deal look for the "specials" all of these have.  For instance I was msg'd that a 2.00 tee shirt was a special ("store owners cost") so you can see the variation. Speaking of which before buying I would check the store cost (somewhere on the site it's linked) against the retail cost and if it is out of line, 5 to 20 dollars more than the store cost, write the "shopkeeper" and ask to pay 2 or 3 dollars above the list, have them open a private store and you may get it. Same goes for a design you like but want some lettering on it.

If you are buying 10 or more bargain for a good discount and keep shipping low and slow.

Large quantities 100 or more, go local.  And, MAKE CERTAIN you see a sample of the material you are getting.

That's it for starters. Cheers


My DC initial experience is from the "wanting to get the pro and cons from users about certain utilities and programs" direction.  But it didn't take long to find other smart people and program possibilities.  The newsletter prompts me to check regularly.  One thing I must have missed is Donation Coder on IRC.  I was an early mIRC user however it seemed to occasionally implode my computer so I haven't returned to IRC for years. Is there a board here on the specifics of DC IRC?  Thanks NR

Thank you for implementing this change.  I have found it a useful indicator and my "eye" makes a quick look to see if I have made the copy.  Surprising how many times I have to re-do! Thanks again.  Nick

Clipboard Help+Spell / Clipboard Help + Spell -- Quicker on the draw?
« on: January 05, 2010, 11:50 AM »

I was unable to find an answer, if possible could someone direct me to a reference.  A simple graphic is posted showing "steps" of the utility that get to the entry to be copied. For me it's pretty much a back and forth 5 tap movement to get to the entry before pasting. Is there a way to shorten this process.  I realize that this only takes seconds, until selecting the wrong entry (my blunders) and then over again (hopefully only once). I have tried keyboard, mouse, drawing pad.

One possibility I haven't tried because this is a new to me, is a hotkey or macro to get me part of the way.  Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello, As another way of finding better accessibility, I thought that having a consistant click pattern no matter the selection would be nice.  Possibly there are others who have a "muscle memory" (or just the memory of, for that matter) two clicks of the mouse/trackball/other input defining a selection.  Sure keyboarding is a preferred method, however in some cases and at times "clicking" has to do (the sandwich in one hand while driving , knees steering, and handheld balanced on dashboard comes to mind :)) Or, a double click of the input is the most workable for your situation.

So, as usual I can explain some things fairly quickly..., but making it work may take some work.  Can it be done? Any Ideas?


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