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Find And Run Robot / Link to FRR forum from the FRR application
« on: January 17, 2006, 04:17 AM »
When I find a bug, have a suggestion or otherwise want to comment on FRR, I need to quickly find the forum. This is not easy to find from the application. First you have to open the Options window. Then find Help | About. Then click the link. Then search for the link to the forum down left and click it.

It would be great if the FRR window itself had a Help menu with direct links to "Program website" and "Forum website" or something like that. Then it would be easy to report back, and more bugs or suggestions would be reported (from me, that is, and probably also from others).

Find And Run Robot / Option not have FRR always on top
« on: January 17, 2006, 04:11 AM »
Often I need FRR not to be on top of the other windows - i.e. keep it open while I do something else. But I cannot find any way to get rid of that window - it just "blocks" my screen. I cannot even minimize the window. And closing it takes away my search.

Couldn't the "always on top" be turned off? Please? I cannot see any reason that it should always be on top. I don't want my windows to decide what I should have on top. :)

I love Clipboard Help+Spell  :-*


every time Clipboard Help+Spell starts, it gives me three separate balloon tips in the system tray: "Starting up database", "Optimizing database", and "Ready and activated".

These are completely useless to me, but they very much draws my attention. This is really annoying to me. When they come, I think there is an important message, but there isn't. Furthermore, they make my task bar appear, which also adds to drawing my attention (my taskbar is auto-minimized at the right of the screen and is about 8 cm wide). I have to read the messages every time, because I cannot know whether it really is an important message from Windows or so. There is even a sound which adds to the attention-drawing.

Could there at least be an option to turn those unimportant messages completely off?

Best regards,
Jesper Hertel

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