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Living Room / Re: Gadgets that make you look like a jerk
« on: January 29, 2009, 07:24 AM »
I've got one - a gadget GUARANTEED to make you like a jerk:  the Opti-Grab...

Hey, Navin is a friend of mine!

I'm mixed on the blackberry too.  It does make me look like a loser but its useful for work.  I use it for my gmail, tracking my expenses, and pretending to be at work when I'm really at home playing with my son.

I think its a good idea to figure out what you really want and what the things you won't scrimp on are.  I've done it and it makes the decision-making process so much easier.

I don't mean to be disagreeable but I disagree about the health insurance.  If anything you might want to take a look at lower cost coverage with higher deductibles and copays.  Its not the best bet if you have to get a check-up, but catastrophic coverage is good if you get hit by a bus.

Cutting down on going out for drinks has been huge for me.  I've never been a bigtime drinker, but here in NYC its easy to spend $100.00 on a single night out with friends.  That's at a normal, decidedly unhip place. 

I've also been fortunate in that I've always been able to get below market rent by prioritizing what is truly important in my living space.♠

That would really be a cool idea.

I also have wish list items on the page along with their cost.  It makes me see how by controlling my spending I can have things I really want.

Example:  I've wanted a Sonos system since it came out (I know, I know).  Once I started tracking the "savings" I was accruing I was able to save enough to get it (on ebay, used is always better than new) and save more money.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

This is why I love this site.  I can't tell you how much this helps me and how frustrated I was.

I've been in Frugality Mode since we bought a co-op.  Here are some of the things I've been doing

Bringing lunch to work:  I live in NYC so this easily can save me $10 a day
Tea instead of coffee at work:  I bought a package of tea bags from the .99 Store.  So long Starbucks and hello a few bucks a day
Library instead of the bookstore
Downgrade cable:  All we really watch are the basic stations and I only need HD for football.  Thinking about ditching cable TV altogether after the move.
VOIP over the phone company

Tracking what you spend is also a great idea.  There are plenty of online tools out there.  I use but there are plenty others.

I also have a spreadsheet I use to track not only what I am spending now, but what I used to spend before I got cheap.  I then add up the "savings" as a way to keep myself motivated.

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