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Did some testing, though not with Powershell Core.  When launched from a Powershell terminal, the initial dialog wasn't behind any windows, but it didn't have focus.

The generated SENNHEISER ".csv" file I looked at didn't have an extra blank line between the header and the rest of the data.  IIRC, the original script puts a blank line between the header and the data.  Don't know if that makes any difference.

Other than that, it seemed pretty good to me.

Could avoid the GUI altogether and revert to a series of Read-Host prompt/answer inputs plus include the ability to run as a standard command if all parameters are fulfilled on the command line.

Would be the quickest way to make it portable.

I guess there could be a GUI wrapper around this -- in fact, there could be platform-specific wrappers.

W.r.t. filepaths, PowerShell (Core) is pretty agnostic when it comes to using / or \ - either will do, plus it sees multiple occurrences, (eg. ////), as just a single occurrence.

For example, the below are all the same path as far as PoSh (Core) is concerned:

It makes this aspect of PoSh scripts OS agnostic ... something they got exactly right :Thmbsup:

Nice.  I wouldn't be surprised if some cross-platform projects start using Powershell Core scripts instead of maintaining separate .bat and .sh files.  Perhaps some do already, though perhaps Powershell Core isn't yet installed on that many non-Windows systems...

I like the single UI approach.  Have been thinking whether the ability to load / save the fields at the top might make sense.  That might also make the functionality more easily packaged as a command line script for use with other tools.

Nice work with the new features and modularization.  The latter should make it easier to study and perhaps it will also facilitate work on Powershell Core compatibility. 

I guess one aspect to consider for multi-platform compatibility is file paths.  Possibly also line endings?  May be Avalonia or Powershell Core has paid some attention to these (and other) issues...

Hope to test it soon.

Living Room / Re: N.A.N.Y. and the Too Many Projects Phenomenon
« on: August 14, 2019, 02:19 AM »
When I'm working on a project and I am stuck, I start another one for the time being.

Have been trying this with varying degrees of success.

I usually choose a different toolset for each, so I'm not stuck in the same place in more than one project at a time.

Hadn't considered this.  Thanks for the idea :)

Interestingly, I always had one of its dialogs open behind other windows, (either the OpenFile or the final Retry/Cancel), until I added the above run check.

The Retry/Cancel dialog still opens behind other windows sometimes.

At least one of us can reproduce at least some of the time :)

The other problem, which I believe is related to the use of the Show-Command cmdlet, is that selecting Cancel still opens the OpenFile dialog.

Ah, I hadn't noticed this.

I might get a chance to look at it later and try and isolate the relevant routines, (still overseas on a low-powered laptop atm).

Do you think a Powershell Core implementation would make sense?

Below are some observations and notes.

I tried the script out on a Windows 10 Pro box, but didn't notice dialog boxes being behind things.  Script execution was tested both from Windows Explorer as well as from a Powershell window.  It might be helpful to be able to replicate the issue -- perhaps it's for particular versions of Windows?

For running a test, one of the files from the TestFilesFromRFexplorer directory was selected.  It appears that all files in that directory get wiped by the end of the script.  I wonder if that is desirable behavior.  Also noticed some error output, but I did find a .zip file that appeared to contain the original file along with 2 converted ones.

Regarding running on macos, I looked a bit into 4wd's Avalonia idea, and came across: "Avalonia bindings for PowerShell".  The supported versions of Powershell there look like Powershell Core though, so I tried running the script via Powershell Core.  The result was a fair number of error messages so I stopped its execution.

I also tried creating a simple python script to open a file dialog and tried packaging and running this on Windows and macos using PyInstaller.  Interestingly enough, there was no problem with the dialog being behind things on Windows, but on macos there was.  It appears to be something that other folks have encountered and although I found multiple work-arounds, none of them worked for my particular environment (though apparently some of them do work for other folks).  (On a side note, my experience with macos (OS X, etc.) over the years has been that backward compatibility of certain types of things is not particularly a high priority, with adjustments sometimes being necessary when there are new OS releases, so even if something were found to work, it might be good to keep in mind that future OS releases might necessitate updates.  Perhaps it's misleading to single out Apple in this regard.)

Regarding "Convert .csv between existing manufacturer created scans", perhaps if this general conversion portion were implemented, the current script might benefit from being based on it.  If someone were to start on this though, may be it would be better to consider Powershell Core or something else more multi-platform friendly, rather than Windows Powershell.

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