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I know, I attached a Windows compiled version to my post - the mention of WSL was just in case someone felt like going that way, (eg. keep it all under the WSL subsystem as a Linux program rather than install compilers, etc into their Windows environment to get it).

Ah, I saw the attachment, but I see I didn't read your post closely enough, sorry about that.

Something that I think might be comforting- words from the epidemiologist who helped defeat smallpox.

He gives hope that we can defeat it, steps that should be taken, and what defeat of the novel coronavirus will look like.

Thanks for this link.

It's written in Rust, you can install and compile on Windows (or even compile it under WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux) ... try the attached.

I suppose this is rather late, but just tried without WSL and it compiled and ran fine in my limited testing.

Nir Sofer's SearchMyFiles has a "Find duplicates" feature that can be combined with normal file-finding criteria.

I have had good success with this one in the past  :Thmbsup:

Used dupeGuru reasonably recently to remove something like 400+GB of duplicate backup files for a friend, (a laborious undertaking - backups of backups of backups of .... ), worked well.

There's also AntiDupl if you want to find primarily image duplicates, (or close duplicates), including across different formats - my go to software for that instance.

I'm more in favor of dupeGuru now.  I had used it a bit before, but your opinion is much appreciated!

Had never heard of AntiDupl, thanks for mentioning it.

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