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I'm still happily using the DPT-S1 even though it only supports PDFs (and there's no obvious way to install additional apps -- it appears to be a custom-job of quite an early version of Android).  Certainly got a lot more experience converting things to PDF :)

another option?
On a side note, quite interested in the upcoming Onyx Max (possibly to be available some time in April?) -- it's reported to be heavier but is supposed to run Android 4.0.x (possibly will eventually run 4.4.x) and likely will be capable of using other formats:

Results were:

  Test file Image only.pdf - text did not appear selectable, nor were any searches for text successful
  Test file Image-OCR.pdf - text could be highlighted (creating an annotation), selected for searching the file, and directly searchable

On a side note, it's been my impression that copy/pasting (in the ordinary sense) isn't directly supported on this device -- after I long press on text that is selectable, a "menu" of sorts with three options appears.  The "menu" lists "Highlight", "Search", and "Google".  AFAICT, "Highlight" is for creating an annotation, "Search" is for searching the same document, and "Google" is for using the selected text in the web browser -- though IIUC by making a query to Google.

Don't know, but if you point me at a sample PDF (please make it a safe one), I might see how it behaves :)

If you're interested in large e-readers, the Onyx Max might be worth considering:

I'm a step a way from ordering one -- highly recommend checking out the content of that thread.

On a side note, if interested in the one with the campaign, looking at pages 18 through 20 or so of the aforementioned thread could be of interest.

Ah, also, IIUC, one of the participating members of that thread may be posting a review of a preview unit before long.  I'm not confident but I think the person runs:

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