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the one I was recommending is only a bookmarklet button on your browser's panel, so it cannot work offline. Their server on their site is doing the job, but it is doing it very well  ;-) The other one, mentioned by Tom, is for your homepage, (read, but of course also going to their site,

Thanks for the clarification.

FWIW, it's a bit of work but I sometimes use a combination of "Inspect Element" followed by "Delete Node" before "printing".

I didn't succeed in determining whether this can work offline -- my impression is that it requires communication with their site.

Is that correct?

Is starting with something pretty vanilla and gradually adding features when enough clamor is raised infeasible?  Or alternatively, classifying things to be added into two groups -- one group for must-have up-front and the other for things to possibly added down the line...

May be we'd find we could live with much less -- so less work for you all at once and perhaps less maintenance burden going forward?

Perhaps this is what you had in mind already...

With all of the different settings, perhaps uninstallation is simpler and safer.

FWIW according to:


Adobe is planning to release security updates on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and Macintosh.

May be the latest issue will be addressed by this.



So according to:


Critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-5122, CVE-2015-5123) have been identified in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Successful exploitation could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. 

Adobe is aware of reports that exploits targeting these vulnerabilities have been published publicly. Adobe expects to make updates available during the week of July 12, 2015.

Haven't seen an additional update yet -- I guess that might help explain the following text from the first link:

Therefore, once again we advise everyone with Flash installed to remove or disable the software until the company patches the critical security bug.

Didn't figure out how to disable without uninstalling -- at least not system-wide -- any hints?  Or may be "disable" above referred to changing settings in each individual browser and possibly other applications...

Hadn't seen that one -- thanks for mentioning it.

If that sort of thing is of interest, perhaps the following will be too:



On a side note, there's no security announcement sub-forum on dc, right?

Living Room / Re: Partitioning or Not w. single HDD?
« on: July 09, 2015, 06:02 PM »
On the other hand, there have been plenty of times that the easiest way to recover from a software installation gone awry, a possible virus, or just a bad Windows update, has been to restore the last good image of the system partition.


Now if this were easy to arrange for...

Hmm...when I use pwd on *NIX boxes, I get paths that start with a slash.  It seems like you have shell access -- I don't know if the readlink command is there, but 'readlink -f .' in my home directory gives me a full path (but then, so does 'pwd').

FWIW, I don't know how things are set up elsewhere, but I've often ended up with some paths that start with at least '/home/username' for the default directory I get when connecting via ssh or sftp.

But I have to admit I got totally lost on the subject of rebasing. Usually when I had trouble following the descriptive text, I could look at the illustrations and figure out exactly what was going on. But I'm still not grasping how rebasing works or exactly what it does after having fully read the text and studied the illustrations for some time.

Among other things, the following has a section on rebasing with images:


There's also this:

Do those help at all?

For the moment, just this part:

Also, I'm a little confused about something with regard to how Git stores blobs. I like how it doesn't care about files or filenames, and that if the content is the same, it will only store it once. But doesn't that mean if you make one tiny change to a file, it has to store the entire file again as if it was a brand new file? Shouldn't that make the size of the repo huge?

Check out the part that starts:

While that's true and important on the conceptual level, it is NOT true at the storage level.
Git does use deltas for storage.

toward the end of http://stackoverflow...iles/8198276#8198276

I don't know about being more efficient than any other system, but regarding storing deltas, I have seen that claim in a few other places (sorry, didn't find references so far).

I've only really used git stashing for "save this current state so it can be returned to later" functionality.

Glancing at the man page, it appears there's a --patch option:

With --patch, you can interactively select hunks from the diff
between HEAD and the working tree to be stashed.
The stash entry is
constructed such that its index state is the same as the index
state of your repository, and its worktree contains only the
changes you selected interactively. The selected changes are then
rolled back from your worktree. See the “Interactive Mode” section
of git-add(1) to learn how to operate the --patch mode.

Note that this is for git stash save ...

Living Room / Re: Partitioning or Not w. single HDD?
« on: July 07, 2015, 04:22 PM »
The software is called Cameyo. Instructions on how to use it are here.

Virtualizing for your own personal use only? Go here.

Thanks for sharing!

It's definitely possible to selectively place chunks of code in the staging area and then create a new commit (thus leaving things out).

The UI for this is pretty decent in SmartGit -- there is an "Index Editor" (a 3-pane-ish UI for modifying the staging area AKA index).

I'm going to assume you aren't an Emacs user, but FWIW, magit (a popular(?) git interface for Emacs) also has a UI for it.

There's also the text-based UI -- though I haven't tried it with Windows.

On a side note, haven't read it recently, but at some point I found the following useful:

(Please note specifically the section about Git's staging area -- section 2.2.)

Living Room / Re: Partitioning or Not w. single HDD?
« on: July 06, 2015, 11:15 PM »
On the Windows partition I move every user-related folder to my data partition using the Windows options that are available to me.

Never quite managed to figure out how to do this well and comprehensively -- over the years I kept getting the feeling that Windows goes out of its way to make it difficult to store user information on a separate partition from the system.  Perhaps there are some economic reasons...

Whenever I install software, I select the software partition as it's home. And because I am the only user, I use portable versions of software I wherever I can.

I tried to separate data from apps, but I found that it wasn't always so easy -- it was hard enough finding appropriate portable apps, but often difficult to find apps that are portable AND allow one's settings to be stored separately from the apps.  I guess many folks don't perceive app settings to be user data :)

And if that is not an option, I have some software that allows me to make portable versions of software that requires installation normally.

Didn't go down this path -- the main thing that I made an exception for not being portable (though did try a portable version for a while) was VirtualBox.  There were a number of tools that looked promising -- if you don't mind sharing, what did you find that worked well?

Living Room / Re: Partitioning or Not w. single HDD?
« on: July 06, 2015, 07:38 PM »
Yes, that's how I remember it too -- this tends to work along with : "I try to leave some unallocated space after the system partition (indeed after every partition)" :)

Living Room / Re: Partitioning or Not w. single HDD?
« on: July 06, 2015, 06:38 PM »
If you install Windows, the O/S will eventually, over time, decide to use more space than you have allocated to the system drive.

I try to leave some unallocated space after the system partition (indeed after every partition) -- this can help to make resizing later more practical.

IIUC, these days Windows (at least 7?) can resize the system partition while in operation -- this has helped a few times around here.

The current time doesn't seem to be displayed anywhere useful -- I actually did a search via the browser to find out the current time once...

Just found that pressing the menu button while on the home screen displays the current time at the top left of the screen...

Living Room / Re: The end of the hard disk
« on: June 29, 2015, 05:42 PM »
Like optical media perhaps :)

Living Room / Re: The end of the hard disk
« on: June 28, 2015, 11:36 PM »
It's good to be prepared :)

Site/Forum Features / Re: Hardware mini-Reviews Section?
« on: June 28, 2015, 09:33 PM »
Does it make sense to move the thread about the DPT-S1 then?

I have come to appreciate that aspect more while using this device.

I still have some difficulty reading some content though -- for this, the zooming seems to help (some overlap with cropping I guess) but zooming settings are not retained per page and at least for the version of the firmware I have at the moment, one cannot navigate to other pages without first "unzooming"...

Anyway, this device feels like it's almost there :)

Doesn't appear to be any auto-cropping of whitespace
that's too bad -- i've found it's a useful feature when space is limited on a mobile device.

If it's any consolation, it's much less of an issue for this device because of the 13.3 inch factor...

Didn't expect to use the stylus to create notes, but much to my surprise I've come to use it
nice.  so will it remember notes you write in the margins while reading pdf files?

I didn't try myself, but I think so -- perhaps the following will help answer the question:


Note that this particular write-up was from before the price cut.

Been using a U.S. English version of Sony's DPT-S1 with 1.3.x firmware for a few weeks and have some thoughts to share.

The short of it is that I'm happy to be using one.

The following are some details covering info that I didn't find elsewhere before purchasing.  May be this will help for other folks who are considering :)

  The "Table of Contents" for a PDF file is usable unlike (AFAIU) for Amazon's DX.  It works like this:
    -with an appropriate PDF displayed, press the menu button followed by the table of contents button
    -along the left side of the screen there should be an area displaying some table of contents entries - the area to the right of the table of contents entries displays a smaller version of some page in the PDF
    -if an entry has any children, this is indicated via a different icon to the left of an entry's text
    -touching an entry with children leads to all children entries being displayed (but they replace what entries were displayed before) - the area to the right of the entries is updated to display the corresponding page of the PDF
    -touching the page causes the table of contents area to disappear and the full-size version of the page is displayed instead
 Apparently no clipboard - no copy / paste -- however, this may be possible from firmware version 1.4.x (at least in jp version) - long-pressing a word in a PDF does bring up a menu with items 'Highlight', 'Search', and 'Google' though
 Doesn't seem possible to flip pages while zoomed in -- however, apparently possible from firmware version 1.4.x (at least in jp version)
 Although there are 4-page and 9-page views, there doesn't appear to be a dual-page view

File Transfer
  Both the internal memory and the micro SD card are accessible as mass storage devices -- I've only tested under *NIX, but don't believe it's any different under other operating systems -- no extra software necessary to access one's content (given which company made this device, this was quite a (pleasant!) surprise for me)
  Have successfully removed and replaced the micro SD card while the system is in standby mode -- not sure whether this is safe...

 Doesn't appear to let one view HTML files that reside in internal memory or the micro SD card :(
 Doesn't seem possible to view pages rotated (though that works for viewing PDFs)
 Didn't expect to use the browser functionality, but as slow and limited as it is, better to have something than nothing - too bad it doesn't seem possible to save the current page as PDF (like one can do in FF)
 Appears to limit one to using up to 3 windows

 The current time doesn't seem to be displayed anywhere useful -- I actually did a search via the browser to find out the current time once... Pressing the menu key while at the home screen displays the current time in the top left corner of the screen
 The UI smells of Android here and there:
  dialog boxen
  pop-up kbd
  notification area
 Did not find a way to transfer files between internal memory and micro SD directly
 Doesn't appear to be any auto-cropping of whitespace
 Wikipedia's 'download as pdf' and 'create a book' functionality seems particularly useful -- though haven't found it convenient to access that functionality via the device itself...some of the created PDFs turned out pretty decently
 Didn't expect to use the stylus to create notes, but much to my surprise I've come to use it -- I could just barely adjust to the lag -- now it doesn't bother me too much -- I used to dream of having a white board where I could restore the content...this device reminds me of that forgotten dream :)
 Didn't expect to use the workspace feature (basically one can 'save' a set of tabs and name the set) but though there are various things that are wanting it's a fair bit better than nothing

That's it for now.  May be I'll update this from time to time...

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