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KodeZwerg happy, everybody happy?

You landed on MajorGeeks:
Thank you for warning me  :Thmbsup:
I do not understand why they put it up there and more I do not understand why they not share origin link.
If someone try to tell me something over there, I do not receive it.
Somehow I plan to make it part of distritbution license to have a origin link included, still free of charge etc... I do need feedback, bad or good doesnt matter. It just can get better.

I'm sorry that I can't really look forward to it / being happy about that.

They put it up there as they think it is a good software.

You can send them an email regarding a bad link:

From the forum:
"... We're working with the network to filter out those unwanted ads and reducing the impact by not showing their ads to logged-in users for the time being.

Our efforts do not stop here. We're still in the process of trying out alternate ad networks and hopefully, we can get one that is sustainable ..."

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