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Thanks.  I only need raw storage but if it comes with web-hosting or other stuff that's fine.  BTW, I'm not looking for ftp-only, just something that is ftp capable.  I will check them out.

I have seen a few discussions on DC about online data backup.  However, I am interested to know if anyone has had any experience, good or bad, with any of the sites that permit data to be transferred by ftp.

My primary purpose is to store 10GB to 50GB of files that I can access while I am traveling.  (I already have external HD backup at home).  I am not real concerned about security but I do want it to be reliable.

Must haves:
- FTP capability to upload and download data
- Reliability of service
- Not super expensive

Not important:
- High quality syncing or sophisticated backup capabilities.  Just data storage.

Does anyone have experience with or


Perfect!   :Thmbsup:  It dosn't maximize Firefox anymore. Thanks.

It works in Windows Explorer but not my preferred file manager which is XPlorer2.  When I try it in XPlorer2, it maximizes my browser (Firefox), and pops open an error message that says "The clipboard timed out".


Worked like a charm.  However, my preference would be that the script is not always running in the tray. 

Is it possible to add an option so that the script can be executed as an alias in FARR, and closes after the shortcut is created on the desktop?

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