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Awesome! :Thmbsup:

I'm not looking for a server, per se.  We currently have our website hosted on a server and I think it's Windows based but I'm not sure.

ok...I did a little searching on the web and I get the impression a large file would need to be pushed on a "streaming server" vs "HTTP streaming". 

I don't want to chop the file into smaller sizes if I can avoid it.

Does anyone know if any of the so-called streaming SOFTWARE is a reasonable alternative to a streaming server? 

Any comments on providing the video by 'progressive downloading' or how this is done?

I work for a small, low budget company and I would expect not more than ten people (more likely one or two) viewing the video at any given time.

Great!  If I plan to play it as a streaming video do I need to do anything special when I record the screencast?

So...i assume that means that the website visitor IS in effect downloading the files as opposed to the files playing on the website?  Or is that a dumb question?

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