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That would be great, I'll have to keep an eye out for an update. Save a keystroke!

By the way, the titlecase formatting turns all letters after an apostrophe (') into uppercase...

This: it's i'm mouser's they're
Becomes this: It'S I'M Mouser'S They'Re

Thanks mouser. I just tried it out and it works fine, just a few keystrokes and the text is perfect :)

Looking around at the other features I'm already convinced I'll use it for more than just this project. Thanks for the tip!

I'm looking for a freeware app that works similarly to the shareware program ChngCase:

A program that reads existing text in Windows clipboard, converts the case of the text to one several different options (UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case, Initial Capitals, tOGGLE cASE) then pastes the text back to Windows clipboard.

Any ideas? I have to change the case of a few hundred little bits of text, so I need to make the process as simple as possible.


N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Trout
« on: January 05, 2009, 07:32 AM »
thanks for the reply. i'll try to be more clear.

in Billy, you can set it so that if it's your default audio player, and you double-click one file in explorer, all files in that folder are loaded into the current playlist. it's just a quick way of loading an album.

N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Trout
« on: January 05, 2009, 04:41 AM »
this is huge!

as much as i love Billy (i've heard an update is due soon!), you're right, it's a bit too slim.

i'm at work now so i can't try this out, but it's going to be my first order of business when i get home!

can this open a folder full of files at once by just opening one file like Billy does?

thanks for the tip, but i have .NET installed. i got the big pack - 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 - and still get an error saying .NET isn't installed. one would assume 3.5 would be recursive and contain all previous versions, but it appears that isn't the case?

anyway maybe i have to go get 1.0 as well. i chopped up my XP with nlite and i must have removed the basic version...


i installed .NET 1.0 SP3 redist, and i still get an error, so i had to get .NET 1.1

how many of these idiotic things are there?

anyway i got it working in the end. and it seems to be about the same as the rest. it lets me measure rectangles. horizontal and vertical. nothing more.

i just want to draw a line on the screen and see how long it is. that would be most useful. surely there is something out there?

thanks for the suggestions. i have actually tried all of these. i have tried dozens of these apps. but none work well for me, which is why i posted here.

Renegade's wouldn't even run. Window Ruler measures in two axes only. not very useful at all. and this last one, well it's big and it uses an installer so it doesn't seem like the small and portable app i am trying to find...

so my request stands, such as it is :)


screen rulers - there are 101 of them, and i think i've tried them all. most look like rulers and are absolutely impractical. this is what i would like to see instead:

a tiny window that normally shows the x,y coordinates of the cursor. hitting a hotkey sets the current cursor position as Point A. hitting it a second time sets the position as Point B. the window then displays the distance between A and B in pixels. maybe a line could be drawn on the screen as a visual guide, and holding Shift could constrain mouse movement to 45 degree increments to ensure accuracy.

actually it doesn't even have to have a window - it could just be a text overlay that you could drag around the screen and stick wherever you want. that would be nice :)

just something fast and basic to use along with your favorite zoom utility for getting quick measurements while building skins and GUIs.


wow, i'm away from this thread for a few days and now it's gone wild. great improvements to the newest version. i was going to suggest the 'remember window size' feature, but it seems you already implemented it.

one little bug - if you squeeze the window too much, the drop-down box for the Hotkey jumps over to the far right side of the window - see your Hungarian setup to see what i mean.

if you're still looking for ways to improve this, a 'new button' command would be great. it could bring up a dialog box that would allow the user to enter the hex code of a character directly, then reload the INI to show the new button at the end of the list. it would make it a lot more user friendly :)

this is outstanding, Eric! i'm glad you're also pleased with it. and yes, i believe there are many people who will find this useful. as i said, i've been looking for something like this for quite a long time, and while there are alternatives, none are as free and easy as this has turned out to be.

thank you very much for your time and effort!

wow Eric, this is almost perfect. it looks great and does everything i wanted it to - except for the unicode part! i don't know if i did something wrong or what. here is a clip from the config file i set up that includes all of the special characters used in Hungarian:


everything works but four - 110, 120, 170, and 180. these are the four unicode characters in Hungarian. they are the four that give me the most trouble. all the rest i can make in Word using the built-in hotkeys - but not these. Skrommel's Accents makes all the rest except for these. gosh, i hate those four vowels  :mad:

should i be using a different font? do i have something set wrong? i would love for this to work, the app you made is just ideal for my purposes!

by the way, did you look up some hungarian words for your screenshots? i see a few in there :)

thanks for all your hard work getting this set up. i hope for your sake that it's not too much of a bother to get things working on my end!

Yes, I have tried your accents app, and found that it does not work with unicode unfortunately.

I would prefer not to install .NET for a few reasons. One, I want the app to be fully portable, and any dependencies go against this. But mostly I just don't like installing things. It's a strange phobia that I have developed lately. Almost every app I use is portable, I only have a few things installed like my shell, file manager, a few codecs... I can't exactly offer a reason for this other than the joy of having a system that is almost entirely modular. It also cuts down on running processes and other things that slow down my ancient computer. It's not much of an argument, but there it is...

I did try CharBars somewhere long the way, though I don't remember why I didn't keep it. I'll try it again.

EDIT - I just grabbed AHK and loaded CharBars, but only the first character in the chars string is coming up on the menu. i changed that charcter to a unicode character and saved the .ahk file as unicode, but when i tried to reload the script it gives me an error...


I have been looking for a small app that will do this for quite a long time. I have tried many variations but nothing is quite what I am looking for. I would like to see an app that presents the user with a window containing maybe 20 buttons (though, ideally, the number would be customizable). Each button can be assigned to a single Unicode character, maybe via an INI. Clicking on the button would paste that character into the active text field. I think such an app would work best if there were an option to keep the window on top, if it could be activated/minimized to the tray with a user-defined hotkey.

I need an app like this because I am learning Hungarian, and I occasionally need to type unicode characters. CHARMAP is just too slow and awkward for this.

One similar app is Diacrit. It lets users choose character sets from different languages, but does not allow full customization. It also does not paste the characters - it only copies them to the clipboard. Diacrit is not freeware.

LangPad is similar, but does not allow customization at all. Character sets must be purchased individually. I don't even think it does Unicode.

Type International Characters is another that is customizable, though it pops up a menu from an icon in the system tray rather than presenting a GUI. This one actually worked quite well, and if is easier to implement an app that does things this way, that would be OK. It is also not free.

The only freeware app I have found that comes close is QuickKey. It requires .NET, however, which I do not use. It is also incredibly complicated, and contains far more features than I require.

There are more, but I won't list them. I have tried many, but nothing is as simple and as elegant as it could be. Just buttons that paste characters, nothing more.

So there it is! I am not a programmer so I have no idea how much time it would take to create something like this, but if it is feasible, and if anyone is inclined to help out with such an app, I would be very grateful.

Thank you!

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