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Could one use this feature to have cpu or ram usage shown live on LBC's buttons? Or disk usage? Or temperatures?

Find And Run Robot / Re: Runtime Error!
« on: June 05, 2009, 03:48 AM »
FScript version 1.17 fixed my errors !
Thank you ecaradec !
Thank you mouser !
Thank you all !

Find And Run Robot / Re: Runtime Error!
« on: May 31, 2009, 11:18 AM »
Sad to say it appears I was a bit hasty with my "assumption" that everything was fine ! :(

After I registered msscript.ocx FARR started without any errors ... yupiii !

But ... while using it and installing new plugins I started to experience same Runtime Error as before.
When does this happen (these are examples of situations I encountered so far; there may be more): if i use Locate32 plugin and I left click on any result I get an odd error (does not crash FARR); if I hit down arrow or enter key then the big runtime error appears and FARR crashes.
Same thing is happening when using FarrMilk plugin (remember that FARR starts correctly and I am able to see the search results ... just can't use them).

The strange thing is that I am able to use plugins dependent on fscript.dll without problems, like Clock or TodoTXT; the runtime error is still related to fscript.dll as you will see in my small video recording (~800KB), although Locate32 plugin does not use fscript.dll I belive (and some searches are working normally !!!) ...

This is completly beyond my comprehension  ...
I really hope you can figure this one out ! Maybe there are some more .ocx's or .dll's that need to be registered.

FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: Fscript trouble
« on: May 30, 2009, 01:51 PM »
The solution that worked for me was posted here by BenRad.
I had that "Runtime..." error on 3 different PC's running WinXP because of the "FScript.dll" files in the Plugins folder. If I deleted them, there were no errors (the fscript.dll dependent plugins were also inactive).
BenRad's solution worked on all three PC's.
Thanks again!

Find And Run Robot / Re: Runtime Error!
« on: May 30, 2009, 01:33 PM »
You need to re-register the msscript.ocx file.

run this:  "c:\windows\system32\ regsrv32 msscript.ocx"

That fixed it for me.

Thank you so much!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Finally a solution to my FScript problem!

Screenshot Captor / ScreenshotCaptor logo and watermarking
« on: April 18, 2009, 06:35 AM »
Hello guys!
This topic is a follow up of my previous post here.

Regarding my first question: I could not find (yet) any free watermarking software (that suits my needs) that could be invoked from the command line. I am temporarily using FastStone Photo Resizer as it is freeware, portable, supports batch operations and can add watermarks as well as texts on the screenshots. There are some inconveniences but this is the best solution I could find until now (or until SC will support auto-watermarking :) ).

As for my second question there (this is also the reason I made a separate topic): I managed to play a bit with a logo creator and Paint.Net and I've come up with the following logo for ScreenshotCaptor:

I am not happy with my result as it seems a bit too crowded with information, but my knowledge does not allow me to achieve a better one using only few objects. If someone here could make a better logo that indicates immediately that it is about ScreenshotCaptor and Mouser it would be great.

Here is how the end results looks like in my case:

Hello again!

I'd like to ask you some more questions:

1. Is there any option to automatically watermark a screenshot (I'd like to add a logo in the bottom right corner) ? If it's not possible in MiniCap, how can I achieve this with ScreenshotCaptor (I can't find the option to auto-watermark a screenshot) ?

2. Are there any official MiniCap or ScreenshotCaptor logos I could use ? I know about those clipart objects from SC, but I'd like to use something that displays only their titles, without "made with", and with transparent background.


FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: Fscript trouble
« on: September 30, 2008, 02:36 PM »
If there is a plugin with fscript.dll i get these errors when i try to open FARR (previously closed).
Here is one appcompat.txt file:
I was using Comodo firewall 3 and Avira antivir 8 (same thing if they are closed or started).
Find a solution please :( (i need google translate plugin)!

Thanks! It works!
I have another question now: i put DcUpdater folder inside FARR folder. What relative path should i use in FARR options for it to work properly ? I tried writing the full path and it works nice but for portability is not good.
This http://img527.images...0080918024243va9.png is not working.

FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: Fscript trouble
« on: September 17, 2008, 06:53 PM »
I also have FScript trouble so i can't use those plugins.
Here are some screenshots with my errors:
I get them whenever i add one of those plugins using fscript.dll and if i don't rename this dll i get errors whenever i try to open the options panel in FARR.
I also use a non english windows (romanian); WindowsXPHomeSp3.
Happy those plugins are not vital :) .

Where can i download FarrFox plugin ?
The link from the first post is not working for me (error 404).
FARR2 is great! Thank you!

Can you also add an option that would allow MiniCap to make a series of "n" screenshots at an interval of "x" seconds ? This would be very useful.

I think MiniCap is great as it is; you should keep those for Screenshot Captor (maybe make it accept advanced commandline options like these).
I don't know why, but when using Screenshot Captor, Url Snooper or FARR the "Userappdata/DonationCoder/Keys" folder is created (with installinfo.dat and key.dat files) even though the same files are created in every application folders (i use "Configdir=." in settings). Can you make this stop (not good for flashdrive use)?
I don't know why you say MiniCap does not have many users because it is the best application of its kind on the web (freeware or commercial); i'll make a post about it on portablefreeware forum to see what others think.
P.S.: @Josh: I almost smashed my lcd trying to kill that bug from your avatar...i was soo close :) .

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! for this great software.
I use it on a daily basis and it never let me down.
Just wonted to ask if it's wrong to use upx to get a small minicap executable (it's down to 1.03mb from about 2.66mb).
With the old version i've never got "-exit" option to work (just used powerpro with *wait and *close commands) but with this last version (v1.12.01) there are no problems.
One other thing: when the red rectangle flashes i use the mouse pointer to choose a region (or object) by hovering it and for taking the screenshot i don't have to click the left mouse button, just use Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift (but not Shift alone) (i have no idea why and it doesn't bother me).

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