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Community Giveaways / Re: Deal on Writing Software
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:44 AM »
I have sent you a message as soon as I saw the post. Today it is 12/1, is the Scrivener coupon ready? I just can't wait to buy it.

I joined the forum in 2006 and I read the posts in rss mainly. English is not my native lanuage so I didn't have many posts but I am really an active member in about 10 years.

LastPass can fill applications - you use the LastPass application desktop client app!

I forgot it's a paid feature. I don't buy lastpass. Anyone compare LastPass application with others? If LastPass application is good enough, $12/y is a killer price.

Oh, My question is about 1Password and Roboform(keepass)

Lastpass is not the point, because Lastpass don't have a real windows based client and Lastpass does not fill form beyond browser.

1Password and Roboform all have a nice client. It is faster than B/S product(Lastpass). Roboform can fill application form. I don't know much of  1Password, so I ask the question.

My point is what is the real killer feature in 1Password. Many people say 1Password is the killer mac product. It is worth the money.
Is it about GUI design or is it a hidden feature beyond password management to make 1Password so popurlar?

General Software Discussion / What is the good part of 1Password
« on: March 26, 2012, 07:12 PM »
I have no mac, but I know there is a wonderful password management software named "1Password"

I also find 1Password has  a windows version. I installed it and find it is very basic. I compared it with my favorite Roboform and keepass.

1. password management:  1Password's GUI is good. But 1Password can't recognize firefox. You can only save and load the infomation in own GUI not the browser. Anyway it seems like a basic version Roboform

2. autotype feature: just like keepass. You can type some infomation into certain window. Keepass can do such thing well too, and keepass has far more options to auto type. (user defined keystroke)

I check the price of 1Password. It is $49! Roboform is only $29.95 and keepass is free.
So My question is: Why so many people like 1password? Because it is the only nice password management software in Mac? In windows platform, is 1Password worth the money?

Screenshot Captor / Re: Can SC capture user defined multiple objects ?
« on: February 14, 2012, 06:52 AM »
Thank you for quick reply.

I know I can capture multiple objects one by one with SC3. But in this mode.
One picture One object. (multiple pictures)
My need:
One picture multiple objects

Ctrl+Click should not end the capture. Ctrl+Click is better to select each object like selecting mutiple files in explorer. "Enter" is the key to end the capture. This is a normal way to capture multiple objects in other software (Faststone Capture)

I agree with your last sentence. There should be an addition key  to select and retain red box mode. I think "ctrl" key is simple and works.

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