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Darwin, lanux128, I'm so happy you guys find it to be an improvement!

As for the controversy, I have managed to make a mod for it that complies with SMF guidelines and is perfectly compatible with their license.

So ppl over there are trying it out:  :)

If you happen to have Seagate hard drives, try DiscWizard (rebranded and free TrueImage) from Seagate.

ThinkPad's Rescue and Recovery allows you to save the hidden partition to multiple DVD/CDs. Anyway IMHO there's nothing but crap buried in that area.  ;)

Correct. And for me, the first thing I usually do when I receive a new thinkpad is to remove the f hidden partition that does nothing but shrink my harddisk!

IMO, by "proprietary things" your co-op vendor was referring to IBM Preload Desktop partition (a hidden partition on almost every thinkpad harddisk that helps with system recovery and can be accessed through BIOS).

I was once a Thinkpad salesperson and support specialist and to my knowledge all ThinkPad hard drives are interchangeable - it's really no big deal to change hard disks on a ThinkPad.

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