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@Lashiec, Carol:

I just modified and uploaded the ajax script, in which I removed the part that tell it to "retry on failure" (probably very dumb idea :P).

I'm not sure if the yellow definition panel will display for you guys but it now shouldn't slow down/freeze your browser.

I have two independent firefox here, one works (with firebug turned on), one doesn't. :( :-\

Please post here if you have any problem with the live suggest/dictionary features, I'll fix asap.  :Thmbsup:

@Carol: I'm not yet skilled in javascript scripting :-[, perhaps there was some hidden bug in my ajax scripts. If so, I hope someone will point it out here for me to fix.

According to the hefty Merriam Webster's unabridged dictionary

Christian  a. (3c): decent, civilized.  ;)

As for "heterosexual", I should probably remove it from "erogenous".

Thanks ak!  :Thmbsup:

Absolutely brilliant (and really elegant too) - but can I ask two questions:

1) How do you get the yellow definition panels (I am using Firefox) ?

2) If I leave open in a tab I find my keyboard really sluggish in other tabs - is there any way to fix that or should I simply close the thesaurus tab when I finish?

Thx Carol,

1. To get the yellow definition panels, move mouse cursor over a word/phrase - if you have javascript enabled, they should display properly.

2. Hmm maybe your browser has a problem with my ajax scripts, just click on "Disable quick dictionary" and "Disable live suggest" on the top-right corner.

Our out-Illustrator Illustrator nudone did it again, adding 4 new (yes, brand-new cody logos) to! As we rotate these logos, everyday you'll see a new cody. :D


Update: new spell checker and ajax dictionary (based on WordNet) have been implemented, and the kernel was almost totally rewritten to further speed up searches.

ajax dictionary.png


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