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Hmm, I've tested it on Firefox, IE 7, Opera 9.23, and Safari 3 here and Lashiec just confirmed it to work on Opera. Grrrrrh, browsers, browsers..

Another 'bug' - don't know how you can fix this one ...

If a definition is a long one the pop up box is too narrow to display the whole definition. Try hovering over "good" to see what I mean.

AFAICS the only way to solve this would be to allow the mouse to enter the yellow box (currently it disappears if you move the mouse) and include a scroll bar. A workaround would be to make the yellow box quite a bit wider so that more will fit on screen.

Some of the synonyms for good are a bit over the top (and not really synonyms as far as I can see).

Sooo... does the new yellow box appeal to you, with scrollbar and tuned timeouts? 8)

Sure Veign, feel absolutely free to use my code in any way you like. :)

What component do you use for the Suggestion drop-down?  I have a need for something like this to use in a website of mine.

Well I coded it from scratch (inspired by an ajax script published in the book Ajax for Dummies)

This is the javascript that handles live suggest requests:

Database backend (which outputs one word/phrase each line, with \n as separator, simple stuff):

Inline javascript:
<input type="text" value="" id="q" name="q" size="35" onkeyup="sd()" onclick="sd()" onblur="rh()" autocomplete="off"/>

The entry function in suggest.js delays ajax action for 250 milliseconds to accommodate fast typers:
var TimerId = 0;

function sd(){
      TimerId = setTimeout("getSuggest()",250);

Ok just updated the script again, seems to me that the bug has been fixed.

It turned out that I was caught by a Firefox bug/nonconformance, as described here :wallbash::

And interestingly, people who have Firebug installed are not affected: :-\

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