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I'm not a man who habors negative hidden feelings against someone and take surreptitious nasty actions against him, if I have a problem I either speak it out and have it resolved or choose not to worry it should resolution fail. I've consistently spoken out and taken open actions against Gri's activities (which are "weird, spammy, mostly incomprehensible and out of place/space", like f0dder said) and kept the admins notified, there isn't anything hidden. I moderate boards (also take preventive methods) to keep things clean on this forum so everybody will enjoy DC community and I don't have the luxury of going personal against anyone. Do we hate spammers and DOS their servers in retailiation? No, we just delete their spams and move on. Gri happened to be one of those who made life miserable for us (esp. for me), so I remember him, that is all.

You have made direct personal attacks against me publicly, well that's probably fine with me. I have no interest in more exchanges that might deeply upset folks here. But be warned that further attacks will be taken seriously.

'innuendo', or rather 'diplomatics', as mouser would say, is essential to every healthy and growing community. Everybody makes mistakes/blunders and annoy other people from time to time, often repeatedly (I'm no exception). I'd say something is much better left unsaid and forgotten as time goes by when you deal with community relations. I'm very outspoken person and I can be v v open, direct and public with you, but I choose not to, for it'll be unnecessary and hurtful.

Let's just calm down and move on to strict "technical" stuff, as folks on IRC chan kindly suggested, shall we? :)

EDIT: added first paragraph.
EDIT: I just promised mouser that I'll no longer participate in anything non-technical in this thread.  :)

I may have been emotional on this matter, for that I apologize. But I don't believe I made false or inaccurate claims against anyone.

Truth be told, I don't think I'm a "Global Moderator" in essence and I often forget being one -- it was so arranged that I could remove some spams in time and move topics to appropriate boards for the folks here. Such chores, absolutely nothing political or distinguishing in 'class'.

I was actually upset about the merely possibility of this kind of topic evolving into a flame war and tried hard to prevent it from happening. I may have overdone it and it worked in an opposite way, not to benefits of anyone here.

Agree with f0dder I do: If you want talk technical, talk technical.

To CodeTrucker: a diplomatic and efficient discourser who means to talk 'technical' might not have devoted so many words on marginally relevant stuff like 'Gri', 'Grivitation', 'tolerant mindset', etc. Yes, I might be too sensitive, but don't you think it'd be a far better idea to just talk, e.g. 'distributed load-balancing and backup'?

Secondly... I would like to touch on (ever so delicately) the "pain" felt by the absence of DC on our browsers.  Now... I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest nor do I want to hijack this thread... in fact, I won't see the thread here!

Well, if i were to demand more attention to this thread, honestly I'd do same. :) Can't really say it's a good idea if calm of mind is voted for.

Wordzilla: with distributed, I meant in a unified way :), so you wouldn't have to check out a boatload of forums... just that the information would be replicated and load-balanced.

Thanks for clarification. Well, let's make sure backups are made more often and on regular basis - does it solve the problem?

I just don't want this topic to turn into another unnecessary flame war on this forum. Yes, I strongly object to Gri's ways of posting, it's v clear and there's no need to hide anything.

I'm not trying to discredit the idea, thou. The very fact that u described this "Grivation-like" paradigm makes me believe that this is how it will run if implemented, i.e. "Forcing everyone to browse 10+ individual forums for individual "decentralized" posts." -- based on what we experienced with Gri's posts.

Forcing everyone to browse 10+ individual forums for individual "decentralized" posts in order to get the whole of the thread borders on abuse.  ;D ;D

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