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General Software Discussion / Mobysaurus V2.4 Preview 2
« on: January 26, 2006, 10:54 AM »
Mobysaurus V2.4 Preview 2

License: Freeware
Size: 25.51MB


System Requirements:
Screen resolution 1024*768 or higher, Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher

Short Description

Mobysaurus is a free, feature-rich English thesaurus and dictionary software that integrates Moby Thesaurus II,  Roget's Thesaurus, GCIDE Dictionary and  WordNet -- all royalty-free, powerful and most suitable for everyday reference. With this, you will feel it so much easier to choose the right word or words for every occasion or purpose.

What's new

1. Enhanced Composer

Built-in editing toolbar offers quicker and more convenient editing, and therefore more delightful writing experience.

(Why do we have to switch back and forth between an external reference tool and the word processsor all the time?  It’s such a bother, isn’t it?)

2. Standalone, upgradable, user-modifiable spelling checker

Powered by NetSpell

Supports the following languages:

American English, Canadian English, British / Ireland English, and Australian / New Zealand English

The spelling checker automatically determines which dictionary file to use according to system regional and language options.

3. Improved performance

Preview 2 features very low CPU usage when performing a search, and is capable of display unabridged results instantly (in "Root words" mode)

Special thanks to Mouser at for his brilliant ideas and substantial support.  :)

Anderson (the author)

[email protected]

King's / Queen's English is always respectful, though I sometimes think UK spellings may seem a bit redundant. I'm all for your idea., and I'd love to add support for UK spellings or even produce an entirely UK version. However until now I could not find any open source UK dictionary or thesaurus that I'd be sure users would like.

Yes, Dr Peter Mark Roget is a genius Englishman, and Roget's Thesaurus was ORIGINALLY produced in the UK. The popular public domain database of Dr Roget's fantastic work was actually digitized from the 1911 US Edition of Roget's Thesaurus. One glaring evidence is Title 428 ("Color") in his thesaurus.

Hats off to Dr P M Roget!

Looks really nice ...

Can I just ask as it isn't mentioned anywhere, are these entirely US spelling versions or does it include standard English spellings (ie. UK)

Sorry Carol, I don't think it includes standard English speelings. The databases are all provided by Americans, I think.

one thing i'd like to see in future version: ability to bookmark our favorite words.

I'll work on this feature pretty soon! :-D

Version: 2.0

License: Freeware

Release Date: 24th Dec 2005

Product Site:

Short Description:

Mobysaurus is a freefeature-rich English thesaurus and dictionary software that integrates Grady Ward´s huge Moby Thesaurus II, far-famed Roget's Thesaurus and the authoritative GNU CIDE English Dictionary -- all royalty-free, powerful and most suitable for everyday reference. With this, you will feel it so much easier to choose the right word or words for every occasion or purpose.



Having Moby Thesaurus II (Unabridged) and Roget's Thesaurus (Unabridged) incorporated, Mobysaurus is probably the most comprehensive thesaurus in English available to date, totaling 31,304 main entries and over 2,600,000 synonyms.

Offline Database

You no longer have to search online thesaurus references, waiting the page (and ads) to load and risking spyware or adware attacks. Many online dictionary servers' results pages render poorly and will interlace many unrecognizable characters or even crude mark-up tags. And besides, online users get very limited results in many cases because server scripts are not designed to provide results in full detail.

Fully Searchable     

No need to flip pages any more, and no words remain elusive. Carrying your order, Mobysaurus searches every corner of its database. and displays results in full detail. In most cases you won't need to conduct multiple searches or racking your nerves to refine queries. No secret areas reserved only for "members", what you have at hand is exactly what the author has.

Powerful Search     

Mobysaurus itself is capable of handling 4 powerful search modes as listed below:

(All support pattern matching)

Search Modes

1. Look up in Root Words

If you look up "all" in root words, search results will return all root words that contain “all”, like “above all, after all, all around, all at once, etc.”

2. Look up in Any Occurrence

In this mode, the program will search the whole database for any occurrence of your queried word or words and list them, therefore it works a bit slower but returns much more comprehensive results.

3. Look up in Any Occurrence + Synonymous with

In this mode, the program will search the whole database for any occurrence of your queried word or words together with your designated synonym, and list the entries which simultaneously contain your query and the synonym. By applying wildcards in this mode, you turn Mobysaurus into a crossword puzzle solver instantly. For example, "l??????" + "insect" returns "ladybug" as one of the results, and "lap dog" (insect of a person).

4. Look up in Dictionary

Wildcard Search     

To find:
Any single character
Type ?
Any string of characters
Type *
Any single character in this range
Type like [a-z] (ranges must be in ascending order. ) or type like [atd]
Any single character except the characters in this range
Type like [!a-z] (ranges must be in ascending order. ) or type like [!atd]
Any Vowel
Type @
Any Consonant

V2.0 supports the following wild cards: ?  * [  ]  @  %  #  !

Unique root words suggestion     

Integrated Moby Buddy helps you find all the root words related to the one you just entered. This dramatically boosts the power for you. Why? Still remember the last time using a paper thesaurus? You check a root word in one page and never will have any idea if any better synonym might appear in another page under another root word. Even with a electronic thesaurus with every cross-reference, you are still facing a labyrinth of possibilities and endless mouse clicks. But with Mobysaurus & Moby Buddy, you know them all in a few seconds. Check them one by one or just some selections? It's your choice alone.

Advanced search toolbox     

Very instrumental for searching into references and more.

Incremental Search

You don't have to fulfill the root word, type a few letters and then click away.

Automatic Highlighting    

Making it very easy for any user to pick out desired synonyms among the huge vocabulary of the English language.


Handy Moby is a unobtrusive system tray utility comes with Mobysaurus which allows you to find synonyms without having to start Mobysaurus, and it handles automatic clipboard look-up.

Unlimited Copy/Export

Every part of the Mobysaurus database is public licensed, you can even export the whole results page to a RTF file for later reviewing or sending to a friend, or anything.

Rich ReferencesI

Includes complete Moby Thesaurus root words list, complete Roget's Thesaurus, Titles in Roget's Thesaurus, Official crosswords list (117,969 words, compatible with the second edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary), a list of over 20,000 most common names, Places names in the USA, USA Constitution, the Foolish Dictionary, Latin Quotes, Mottos and Phrases.

Easy to Use

No advanced options to set up, no learning curve, and comes with many shortcut keys to boost productivity.

Free for all    

No SpyWare. No AdWare. No viruses of any kind. No fee or donation requests and No Ads. Works off-line. No registry manipulation. No hidden files outside the installation folder, and if you don't like it, it uninstalls itself like you've never installed it before.

Special thanks to Mouser for his nice support and very kind offer to host Mobysaurus. I know many people will have the same feeling as I do.


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