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Yeah, I would too recommend Netstumbler all the time for such purposes, and it's especially good at hunting wireless hotspots.

I used the app quite a lot when I was trying to improve the wireless signal quality and coverage in my uncle's company since it gives you very detailed and constantly updated signal info about each network.

Quoted as it is from my email to mouser today (with his consent)

What do you think if we offer site members (charter/honorary/supporting) a FREE blogging service (or space) upon request? Could be "DC-ized" Wordpress or Blogware or whatever open source. The URLs to respective blogs might be given out as


1. A very attractive additional offer for charter/honorary/supporting members and, of course, potential supporting members, at a relatively low additional cost.

2. It further promotes DC's reputation and popularity. People know that the way that DC operates, its founding ideas and philosophy, and the service quality of the site is awesome, the site is "doomed" to be non-commercial, community-based, and first-class. Few of our members would doubt that and they probably would take our free blogging offer at once, and by the same token, they might treat it as their perfect home for blogging - it's unique, it brings visitors from time to time (DC's a community, first of all, and again you can publicize your blog with your posts, and people will visit it), and it's pride for people to consider themselves as a supporting member and an actual part of this site/community.

3. Blogs attract friends and visitors, and thus more supportive members.

4. It allows people (especially site members) to know much more about each other, and currently DC doesn't provide any stuff like this. And that's not good... :) Blogging bring a person's real life closer to other people, and there's no way a forum will ever achieve.

5. Members exchange their minds on the forum, they become interested in each other, willing to know more about others' life and stuff, and they probably will frequent other members' blogs and comment. You know, if there're more than 5 people who frequent your blog, there's a great chance that you would keep the blog up-to-date. The more active is a member on the forum, the more exposure of his blog will get, and let's say more visitors/friends and comments, which again... you know... it's a healthy positive spiral.

It's not at all hard to find a good blog hosting service today, however I believe that DC's blog hosting will still make a big difference because of DC's popularity is actually based on voluntarily supportive members, not like these blog hosting conglomerates like Blogspot, MSN, etc., where people often think themselves as just free riders (well, in most cases, I believe).

Personally I've blogged on MSN spaces, Blogspot, Wordpress and Live Journal and never did I feel any pride just being a user of such services, and often I regarded myself as a pure free rider who was willing to make do with a "free but basic version". Perhaps no one would say that he was so smart and classy that he decided to use MSN Spaces or put a label on his blog - "Proudly powered by MSN guys". :P    However if someone maintains a DC blog like, for software lovers/connoisseurs/donationware advocators, it just makes a huge difference - than "" or ""

Never heard of Safe Mode + Administator + Password Cancellation,i'll try.

Well, it's simple. (ONLY FOR GOOD PURPOSES)

1. Restart Windows XP and hold F8 to enter Safe Mode.

2. Click "Adminstrator" (This account won't show up in normal mode and usually isn't password protected)

3. If you can log on into desktop, right click on "My Computer" and select "Manage"

4. Go to "Local Users and Groups" -> "Users"

5. Find your friend's username in the "Users" group and right click on it, then select "Set Password"

6. Now you can choose a brand new password or just press OK to cancel the current password.

I hope you would find this helpful. :)

It's also throwing me kernal errors now,anyone no where i can get win98 patches ?

Better re-install the whole system. Win 98 won't be able to fully recover from infections of so many spyware. System file damages and losses is inevitable.

The mother (also computer illiterate) has locked herself out of her XP home Pc,and no she doesn't have the restoration disc (not for the win98 either) ,i hope this isn't breaking forum rules,if so delete, i'll understand,but is there a way to get in there,she needs her Quicken files

Have you tried the "Safe Mode + Administator + Password Cancellation" trick?

General Software Discussion / Re: Mobysaurus V2.4 Preview 2
« on: April 08, 2006, 01:03 AM »
I've got a lot of feedbacks since the first release of Moby 4 months ago, they brought many best ideas that we can build into Moby.  :-*

Here's one of them which I just received, probably the longest one I've ever got. What do you think about it?

Name:      Jens *****
Email Address (Optional):     J******
Did you find Mobysaurus useful?      7. Other
Where did you get information about Mobysaurus?      2. Search engine

We really appreciate your comments (any length):     

Ok, here's the initial feedback I promised an hour ago. Essentially, this is a Jekyll and Hyde program: content scores 10/10, but interface (and everything associated with it) scores little more than 1/10. In short, it's quite terrible!

In more detail:

* The whole interface is clunky and far from intuitive; things could easily be streamlined with just one input field, radio buttons for the various search and result display options, and perhaps a redesigned sidebar. Buttons should be intelligent; allowing multiple buttons to be selected when appropriate, or cancelling conflicting buttons when not. WordWeb has a very simple, quick to use and well thought out interface that you might have a look at (Moby in WordWeb's skin would be perfect)

* more options for display appearance (header colours and fonts), and please ensure that using a black or very dark background works all screens (eg the shortcuts screen that opens as default; on my system, the text, being black and not changeable, is invisible)

* enable use of postscript OpenType (OTF) fonts. The program appears to use a very old (Win95 era?) font dialogue. WinXP can natively use PostScript and OTF fonts, and even Win95/98 aren't difficult, just needing Adobe Type Manager running...

* first entry (ie title of entry) could be in bold; as such wouldn't need to be indented.

* different downloads for different screen sizes seems unnecessary (and cumbersome, if someone use both a large desktop monitor and a laptop, for example); it shouldn't be difficult to let users choose their own screen size. For that matter, although I have a large screen (and so downloaded the larger version), had I have know that the display would be near full-screen and not reduceable, I'd have chosen the smeller version instead. I'd much prefer having Moby in a little window, perhaps beside my wordprocessor window, than have to pull it up every time.

* searching in "any occurence" brings up more entries than for one screen. The message about pressing F6 to go to next page only displays if the mouse is outside the results window. So, with the sidebar hidden, took me a few instants to realize what was happening. Also, the sidebar only displays headings for that result page, not for the whole search, which would be far more useful.

There are many more points I could make. In short, the entire interface needs to be rethought, with an eye both for usefulness and useability. Also, the .net Framework thing doesn't appear to have much to do with next generation. 200MB on the disk is excessive (an vast understatement) for a word-based application. A plain text version (with basic formatting, saved as RTF) of Roget's entire II thesaurus, for example, only takes up 1.6MB, and when compressed as a ZIP is a mere 600Kb. Much as I would like to believe that Moby is a great resource, I can't believe it contains so much more information to warrant 200MB (roughly one half of the Encyclopaedia Britannica's entire text)!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll get used to Moby - it does contain a lot of information, but please do something about optimizing it!



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