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Living Room / Re: LV here I come!
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:42 AM »
Ok here's another novel way of forum spamming.

See here:

I'm locking this topic now, sorry DC guys you have wasted your time. :)

EDIT: confirmed by forum IP log, zach and frau came from the same IP (in Germany).

Most likely. If possible send me a copy of your Sources/Search.php and I'll have a look. :)

if you find F+R slow to come up after it hasn't been used in a while, you could choose "Stay in Memory Longer" on the General tab option for "Inactive Memory Use".

Yup exactly the same setting here, and I believe that's the default option. :P

Yeah, for me that usually happens when farr has been idle in the tray for a long time and is suddenly brought to front.

And sometimes your typing gets affected if it's taking a bit long to search.

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