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Hmm, I've tested it on Firefox, IE 7, Opera 9.23, and Safari 3 here and Lashiec just confirmed it to work on Opera. Grrrrrh, browsers, browsers..

Another 'bug' - don't know how you can fix this one ...

If a definition is a long one the pop up box is too narrow to display the whole definition. Try hovering over "good" to see what I mean.

AFAICS the only way to solve this would be to allow the mouse to enter the yellow box (currently it disappears if you move the mouse) and include a scroll bar. A workaround would be to make the yellow box quite a bit wider so that more will fit on screen.

Some of the synonyms for good are a bit over the top (and not really synonyms as far as I can see).

Sooo... does the new yellow box appeal to you, with scrollbar and tuned timeouts? 8)

Sure Veign, feel absolutely free to use my code in any way you like. :)

What component do you use for the Suggestion drop-down?  I have a need for something like this to use in a website of mine.

Well I coded it from scratch (inspired by an ajax script published in the book Ajax for Dummies)

This is the javascript that handles live suggest requests:

Database backend (which outputs one word/phrase each line, with \n as separator, simple stuff):

Inline javascript:
<input type="text" value="" id="q" name="q" size="35" onkeyup="sd()" onclick="sd()" onblur="rh()" autocomplete="off"/>

The entry function in suggest.js delays ajax action for 250 milliseconds to accommodate fast typers:
var TimerId = 0;

function sd(){
      TimerId = setTimeout("getSuggest()",250);

Ok just updated the script again, seems to me that the bug has been fixed.

It turned out that I was caught by a Firefox bug/nonconformance, as described here :wallbash::

And interestingly, people who have Firebug installed are not affected: :-\

@Lashiec, Carol:

I just modified and uploaded the ajax script, in which I removed the part that tell it to "retry on failure" (probably very dumb idea :P).

I'm not sure if the yellow definition panel will display for you guys but it now shouldn't slow down/freeze your browser.

I have two independent firefox here, one works (with firebug turned on), one doesn't. :( :-\

Please post here if you have any problem with the live suggest/dictionary features, I'll fix asap.  :Thmbsup:

@Carol: I'm not yet skilled in javascript scripting :-[, perhaps there was some hidden bug in my ajax scripts. If so, I hope someone will point it out here for me to fix.

According to the hefty Merriam Webster's unabridged dictionary

Christian  a. (3c): decent, civilized.  ;)

As for "heterosexual", I should probably remove it from "erogenous".

Thanks ak!  :Thmbsup:

Absolutely brilliant (and really elegant too) - but can I ask two questions:

1) How do you get the yellow definition panels (I am using Firefox) ?

2) If I leave open in a tab I find my keyboard really sluggish in other tabs - is there any way to fix that or should I simply close the thesaurus tab when I finish?

Thx Carol,

1. To get the yellow definition panels, move mouse cursor over a word/phrase - if you have javascript enabled, they should display properly.

2. Hmm maybe your browser has a problem with my ajax scripts, just click on "Disable quick dictionary" and "Disable live suggest" on the top-right corner.

Our out-Illustrator Illustrator nudone did it again, adding 4 new (yes, brand-new cody logos) to! As we rotate these logos, everyday you'll see a new cody. :D


Update: new spell checker and ajax dictionary (based on WordNet) have been implemented, and the kernel was almost totally rewritten to further speed up searches.

ajax dictionary.png


General Software Discussion / Re: SubmitToTab - a Firefox add-on
« on: August 29, 2007, 06:12 AM »
you're welcome, Wordzilla.. does this mean you won't be adding this feature to Zillarank? :-\

No, i might add this feature to our forum search.  :)

Well, at this moment I don't see enough demand for it, and consider Google's similar feature doesn't work well (at least for me), I'm not sure how to do it best.

(Google's "open in new window" option reuses existing tab/window to display results - now if I have 30 tabs in firefox how do I easily locate that ONE search tab? :P)

General Software Discussion / Re: SubmitToTab - a Firefox add-on
« on: August 28, 2007, 11:08 PM »
The addon works for me, yay, thanks for the tips lanux!  :Thmbsup:

Thx lanux, but what'd be the most appropriate way to add such an option (for all forum users)?

Living Room / Re: A joyful addition..
« on: August 25, 2007, 12:05 AM »
Congratulations lanux!!

Upload screenshots of your 3.31kg Lanux Expansion Pack now!

Thanks Darwin! :Thmbsup:

I really really really would like thank all folks here on DC who offered me feedbacks and suggestions, and showed their care for this project. (Please continue to do so! ;))

Special thanks to jgpaiva - who's been debugging and offering constructive ideas for the improvement of our search engine from the very beginning, and he even managed to point out a flaw in the ranking algorithm during his vacation!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Darwin, lanux128, I'm so happy you guys find it to be an improvement!

As for the controversy, I have managed to make a mod for it that complies with SMF guidelines and is perfectly compatible with their license.

So ppl over there are trying it out: http://www.simplemac...x.php?topic=188513.0  :)

If you happen to have Seagate hard drives, try DiscWizard (rebranded and free TrueImage) from Seagate.

ThinkPad's Rescue and Recovery allows you to save the hidden partition to multiple DVD/CDs. Anyway IMHO there's nothing but crap buried in that area.  ;)

Correct. And for me, the first thing I usually do when I receive a new thinkpad is to remove the f hidden partition that does nothing but shrink my harddisk!

IMO, by "proprietary things" your co-op vendor was referring to IBM Preload Desktop partition (a hidden partition on almost every thinkpad harddisk that helps with system recovery and can be accessed through BIOS).

I was once a Thinkpad salesperson and support specialist and to my knowledge all ThinkPad hard drives are interchangeable - it's really no big deal to change hard disks on a ThinkPad.

I got that when I tried installing a *clean* version of Vista Business instead of the preloaded Lenovo version which had so much shit preloaded that it would have taken days to get rid of.

ROFL. True, and it happens to every Thinkpad.

Living Room / Re: KenR's health and situation
« on: August 17, 2007, 07:53 PM »
Ken do you happen to keep a Wish List somewhere?  ;)

Site/Forum Features / Re: DonationCoder forum search plugin
« on: August 17, 2007, 06:43 AM »
Aha! Another extremely handy tool for DC forum search is FARR!

an alias to search forums from farr

* wordzilla was not aware of this feature and feels rather stupid

Amazing work on the updater mouser. Now it's a no-brainer for us to update DC programs. :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Spyware Doctor (free version) is now a part of Google Pack.

Feature comparison between free and paid editions

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