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Living Room / Microsoft Vista feature presentation (Parody)
« on: July 12, 2006, 10:17 AM »
Microsoft Vista feature presentation with the video replaced by a OSX desktop  ;D

Another good point Carol. I would be in support of adding an ADDITIONAL stream in ogg, but moving it strictly to ogg would alienate alot of users who might not know about ogg, or might not want to use ogg. MP3 is the mainstream format, and is supported by every player, proprietary or not, and it works well.

couldn't agree more. :)

proprietary? How so?

yes, MP3's always been proprietary.  :)

From Wikipedia
Thomson Consumer Electronics controls licensing of the MPEG-1/2 Layer 3 patents in countries that recognize software patents, including the United States and Japan, but not EU countries. Thomson has been actively enforcing these patents. Thomson has been granted software patents in EU countries and by the European Patent Office [1], but it is unclear whether or not they would be enforced by courts there. See Software patents under the European Patent Convention.

For current information about Thomson's patent portfolio and licensing terms and fees see their website

Ogg would require users to install a 3rd party codec when you can play mp3's out of the box in just about any media player on the market

There are many free OGG players out on the web and also, OGG is natively supported by many well-known music players.  ;)

Check these links out:

Mobile players known to support Ogg Vorbis

3rd Party Software known to support Ogg

Just for your information, Ogg is the official audio/video container format for Wikipedia, Wikinews et al.

Yeah it's true that MP3s are ubiquitous and you can play it out of the box, however it's still proprietary. And it's not good.  :)

Is it possible that we adopt the OGG format for our podcasts instead of MP3?

MP3 is rather old tech and it's proprietary.  :down:

Living Room / Re: Cartoon: Maladies of the Information Age
« on: July 12, 2006, 06:35 AM »
always reloading the "recent posts" page of DC ;)

it wouldn't be a bad idea if you subscribe to DC's RSS Feed, manually refreshing the page might be a cause for RSI (repetitive strain injury)  ;)

I use RssReader (free) as my dedicated DC RSS reader, it checks new posts on the forum for me every 5 minutes. If there's a new post, it pops up an unobtrusive notification in the tray area . :up:

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