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At risk of making it more useful, what if you made it possible to add a list of friends to it, monitoring all my buddies via it.  Maybe even list all online users :D

Yeah allen, that (DCMon) would be so cool! Great idea!

We shall make it more like an IM client rather than a monitor tool, and also we may code the program to:
1. Display all online users
2. Send mouser an email when "Most Online" exceeds 200 to cheer him up
3. Add buddies to "Watch List", and auto-notifies when their status/current activity changes
4. Mouse-over to display profile info and current activity of each online id on the forum.
5. Right-click to "donate to this member", "send this member a private message", etc.
6. Auto-logon DC forum when system starts
7. Check out the latest DC Newsletter
lots of stuff to add into it! could be fun!

 ;D ;D ;D


Short for "Mouser Monitor"  :P

This silly little program stays in the tray area, and periodically checks for mouser's status on the forum, letting you know whenever he goes online/offline.





Version:  1.0.00
Release Date:  19 Oct 2006
Size:  36KB
Type:  Standalone Executable
License:  Freeware

System Requirements:
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

I get nothing when I use the hotkey combination (selected as Ctrl+Alt+A and enabled). I've tried in Word as well as FF as you have suggested but nada! Could there be an issue because I installed Moby as a user with limited privileges?

That's strange since I tested it on my other laptop w/o seeing any problem. :(
It seems to me unlikely that the user privilege thing's getting in the way, but could you try installing it as administrator? :)

btw, if anybody else experiences this problem, post here and let us know, thanks!

I have a problem with the hotkey: I can't get it to work. My understanding is that it can either be used to search for a word in Moby T or start-up the application. Is this correct?

Well, largely my fault for not yet having any documentation published.  :P  (Been too busy visiting folks these week, and hope I can catch up with my regular moby work asap.)

The hotkey (default Ctrl+Alt+A) is for you to show moby when it's minimized in the tray or not being the active window, in other words, you must have Moby running to use the key combinations.

And it's not used to lookup a word inside the Moby program, but words in other programs (like Word) other than Moby.

For example, let's say I have Moby minimized in the tray now, and am editing this post on DC forum in Firefox. I select a word here from my editing window and press the hotkey, then Moby pops up from the tray area and automatically shows me synonyms for the word I selected. (without having me to first copy the word to clipboard, then call Moby manually from tray and paste the word into the search box and click enter.)

I got the idea from WordWeb and it's been saving me a lota time.  ;)

Also another minor thing although it can be frustrating. Whenever the program has to launch a browser, it's always Internet Explorer instead of my default application (Firefox). I've checked my settings and have Firefox set as my default application. I don't have this problem with any other application either. Any suggestions why this might be happening?

FF's also my default browser (abs. no favor over IE here 8)) but I can't seem to reproduce the problem you mentioned on my PCs. Lemme look into it thou.

Are you planning on maybe including the ability for user's to add their own words/definitions/dictionaries etc. to the Moby T. database?

It'd be great if Moby allows the user to make additions/changes to the db some time. I know this feature is a must but don't yet have a detailed plan for it. It seems to me a somewhat complicated process since you have to validate user's inputs, protect the database from corruption, index mods and new entries, etc.

Btw, the Moby database is to be updated every month from November on, based on the changes we make on If you are interested, just register as a wiki user on the site and make changes to whichever entry you want, v easy.  :)

Thank you!

I installed the update w/o any problem; btw, you could try re-install your .net framework 2.0 first, then apply the patch. (possibly your original framework was corrupted?)

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus V2.4 Preview 2
« on: October 01, 2006, 12:40 AM »
Where to get the software ?
please give me the link :)

Hi youn83,

Mobysaurus V2.4 is no longer maintained and is replaced by Mobysaurus Thesaurus

which can be downloaded here:

Thanks!  :)

Thank you, mouser, cemole!  :D

Yeah, to see more and more users are getting Moby everyday really inspires me to think and work harder on Moby.

I'll def get back to it after my final exams in the next week.

Btw, the downside of database wiki is well noted, thanks!  :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Re: My favorite software! What's yours?
« on: September 28, 2006, 02:13 AM »
Welcome to our forum, titan!  :-*

Mobysaurus, i am a common user of ACA product....i do not have any further relationship with
ACA company..


General Software Discussion / Re: My favorite software! What's yours?
« on: September 27, 2006, 03:06 AM »
look, titan216 has his follow up post...more than two...
first, i saw the discussion about what is your favorite software, so i replay...
however, i think i can introduce the aca to everyone, so i post a new topic.

Hello titan216, thank you for your interest in our forums and introducing ACA to everyone here.  :)

As you can see, some forum members and I believe you are affiliated with the product ACA which you mentioned, based on your previous posts (;u=46464;sa=showPosts)

Please refer to for more information with regard to "obligation of disclosure"

BUT we take VERY seriously the obligation of disclosure - you absolutely must disclose when you have a relationship with a company or product when you post about it.

No offense, but I'd like to ask you to unambiguously clarify your affiliation with the ACA company and its products as soon as possible, since spamming is not in any way tolerated on our forums and will lead to permanent deletion of all related current and previous posts considered as spam.

- Anderson

Surely it is the highest non-DC award this program has received by far.  ;D

I'm very excited, and can't wait to share with you guys!

And I'm VERY proud to be a DonationCoder developer!


An in-depth review of your product "Mobysaurus Thesaurus" has been published at the following address:

You may use the review text and graphics in any marketing or advertising materials, on your website or software boxes, as long as they are not dissociated from the Softpedia trademark.

Please feel free to link to us using the URL above.

Additional details about the Softpedia software reviews is available at:

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

   The Softpedia Team

Click on the award images to read the full review: :D

sp_editor_excellent.gif          softpedia_clean_award_f.gif

Also an Editor's Review (rated 4/5) from


I think the dates on the update are off :) Today is the 23rd!

Thank you!  :Thmbsup:  Silly mistake of mine, how embarassing... LOL  :-[

It's very very hard for me to understand that a program that "won" so many top Editor's Choice, 5/5 rating awards -

1. Not even one of the claimed offsite reviews can actually be found.

2. Why would the author who writes such a great program sort to this kind of anonymous, guerrilla, spam-like advertising?

General Software Discussion / Re: My favorite software! What's yours?
« on: September 23, 2006, 07:23 AM »

ACA capture PRO - powerful screen capture software.

Well, I tried ACA capture PRO just now, it seems the thing is powered by dirty publicity (false claims, paid reviews and deceitful download buttons) rather than real functionality.  :)

And most amusing of all, the website claims that the program "gets" a CNET Editor's rating of 5/5, while in fact there's no CNET review at all, only a user rating of 2/5 which says the thing is crap.

- Anderson


On the website of this program, it claims to get rated 5/5 by CNET editors.

In fact -

Not only is this progam NOT reviewed by CNET, but also it gets a 2/5 user rating.

which says:

not recomended

17-Aug-2006 03:45:39 PM
Reviewer: osama baba

Pros: can take a snap of ur desktop and of other pictures

Cons: does not lives up to all the claims of the publisher n is totally ineffective in capturing videos or screenshots during games.

And btw, the big shiny "Download now (it's free)!" button on the top of the website is a total joke.

OK, after a series of rapid-fire updates, guess it's good time to work on the documentation stuff, and of course - the online collaborative Moby! :graduate: (still under construction, thou all Moby entries have been wikized, so try searching some words)


No, it's current -- WW 4.5a, but it's been upgraded over the years, so (good catch!) it is in system32 (XP Pro SP2). Betcha other folks will get snagged on that one too. I went ahead and moved mine -- thanks for the tip!

hehe, I really shouldn't have you digg into your system32 folder and drag that file out, already 3,000 files out there, not fun!  ;D

Fixed in v1.0.22 Beta.

BTW, it's really cool that you pass WW the current/active word -- please do consider assigning a hotkey to the WW menu item. :)  It's very classy too that it offers to take you to download the latest version if it doesn't find it installed.

Actually there is a top-secreeet one - SHIFT + ENTER

Have been shamelessly keeping this to myself coz the online documentation is not completed yet.  :P

Oh, here's a thought: please think about a way to see if WW is already running (right now it just opens a new instance). Not a huge problem, but I tried it just to see. 8)  Here're some details:

Thanks! That's so thoughtful of you! I couldn't manage to get it work well with Moby this way but -

Check out the latest Beta and tell me if you think Moby offers more than that.  ;)

Is there any way to "tell" the program where WordWeb is? It's saying it can't find it installed here, but it's in a very straightforward "c:\program files\wordweb" dir.  :mrgreen:

Hmm... can you give me more details wrt your OS and WordWeb version?  :)


p.s. The program detects the existence of "wweb32.dll" in "windir" (windows environment variable, usually "c:\windows", "c:\winnt") to determine whether WordWeb is installed. However older versions of WordWeb (like v2.2) installs the dll into the "system32" folder so Moby won't be able to detect its installation.

Tested to work with WordWeb 4.0 and above (current version is 4.5)

- Anderson

There are many suggestions in Moby T for words one looks up. Sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate between words when they're all together, separated by a comma.

Yeah, same feeling here. With a database so huge (however by no means comprehensive enough, hehe), it's oftentimes dazzling to see so many words generate from a single query.  :-[

I was wondering whether having a bold comma or listing words one under the other maybe in columns would be a easier on the eye to go through the list.

Not sure whether the bold comma method would help but displaying words in a scrollable long list could be a nice option.

I'm very interested in avoiding killing ppl's eyes with overwhelming amounts of synonyms ;)
So if you are a moby user and not happy with how moby displays synonyms or have some nice ideas, just post it and let us know. Thank you!  :up:

Is it possible to remember the last search engine for online look-ups? I guess everyone has their favorites and it may or may not be Wikipedia.

Yes, maybe I'll try to implement this feature in the next version, together with the ability to allow users to add their own favorite search entries.

Also I think it could be an option to whether to use the embedded browser within Moby T (which is good as a default) or use some other web browser.

Not yet sure how to do it in the best way that it won't confuse the user, since we already have the "Find Online" tab. It should be a desired tweak coz IE sometimes renders pages too slow.

And a personal request of mine maybe: Minimize to Tray on Close.

I think I'll add this option in the next version, but leave it unchecked by default. :)

- Anderson

Wow, there is already another update to 1.0.15 which includes a direct link to WordWeb which was suggested before. I think that's pretty nice for people who have it but not relevant for others.

Well, since WordWeb has a very decent free version, very neat and fast, I think many ppl will take advantage of it.

It's a good thing that with wordweb installed, you can almost instantly look up unfamiliar words and phrase in WordWeb from the Mobysaurus Thesaurus program. Actually saves a lot of time for the user if he's got many unfamiliar words since he no longer has to switch windows or open some big bulky dictionary software which takes more than 5 seconds to load - WordWeb just pops up instantly.

Also wrt the Mobysaurus Dictionary, I'm yet to make actual plans for it, however definitely we r going to have one, and hopefully based on an online collaboratively maintained English dictionary database.

- Anderson

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: September 17, 2006, 06:30 AM »
I don't think Moby T needs to be capturing every highlighted item in every program, only those used for writing (text editors, Word, Writer) and maybe the first item in clipboard.

Thanks, def we need such clipboard capture function, would be very handy for ppl who write a lot coz they don't want to switch windows everytime they need to find synonyms, just imagine working on a big prose/essay in MS Word or drafting a post on the DC forum.

I thought about this last week and here's my proposal:

1. Show MSN-style Pop-up in the tray area

2. Semi-Transparent Docking/floating windows or something like an auto-hide sidebar

So everytime the Moby applet senses a text change in clipboard. it grasps the first item, looks it up, and displays synonyms in the pop-up/window/sidebar.

Living Room / Re: Wireless Networks and Proxy Servers
« on: September 17, 2006, 05:11 AM »
At the moment it finds the router and I can connect to the internet but becase the laptop isn't set up as part of the local workgroup it can't see local network resources.

How about just creating an FTP access for her (an easy solution with IIS), so every time she needs to access network resources, just double-click a URL shortcut on the desktop which goes to "" (if static ip) or "ftp://carol"

It'd might turn out to be very tricky if u really want her to access your file shares w/o being in the same domain.

- Anderson

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: September 17, 2006, 05:01 AM »
I don't really understand what you mean by your association of "minimize to tray" and "saving search history across sessions". I was thinking in the lines of keeping saved searches even after exiting the program and the ability to have a quick look at them without having to do another search.

Hah, I can't recall what I was thinking at that moment, looks ridiculous to me now. Sorry. :(

"saving search history across sessions" is implemented in v1.0.20 and is by default enabled in "Tools -> Options"

It saves most recent 100 searches, available both in dropdown and the History tab.

Thanks again for the idea!

- Anderson

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: September 17, 2006, 04:26 AM »
Thank you both mouser and Mobysaurus for the quick response. I appreciate your efforts in implementing suggestions. I have downloaded and installed the updated version. So far so good.

I have a suggestion for updating. Program could check at the beginning of a session (when the program first starts-up) to see if the user is online and if so, make a check to see whether there is an update or not. Then the user could be notified of this update and maybe linked to the updater site. This could be a option: check for an update (it would follow the same routine as initial start-up), do an automatic update at the beginning of each session or disable updating.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

The current (v1.0.20) update checker works in this way:

1. If you are using Moby for the first time, it asks you whether or not to enable the Auto-check for Updates feature (defaulted "No" in v1.0.20 since I thoguht it'd be a better practice than "Yes").

2. The user can enable/disble the Auto-check features anytime by going to "Tools -> Options"

3. If this feature is enabled, the program connects to internet and download from a 6-byte text file (here, comparing with the local installation to determine if a newer version is available.

This happens when no user search-related action on the program is detected in 120 seconds (auto idle-state detection)

4. You can also manually check for updates by clicking "Help -> Check for Updates Now"

What do you think? :)

- Anderson

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