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YOU MADE ME DO IT, lanux128!!   :onfire:   :D




1. Move mouse cursor to the exact top-left corner of the screen to hide notification window instantly. YES!
2. Multiple user options added
3. Displays "Last Checked on" time in tray icon tooltip
4. Notifies connection error

Thanks for the tip jgpaiva  :)

I'm afraid caching/re-validating could be more costly in terms of sys resource usage, with this script. Because the Text-to-image converter that is hosted on dc server simple grabs a <450 chars string from user server and output a 0.5-2kb image straightaway. If the script is now required to compare text, cache/revalidate images, there'd be much work for it to do, and it still has to output the 0.5-2kb image anyway.  :)

You have it, app103! Download the new version 1.1.41.

Nice idea indeed. Ty!  :Thmbsup:

Cool I just created a quotes file and it has been added to my signature as you can now see!  :)  :up:

Awesome! And thanks for using the script! :Thmbsup:

It's fun to read words of wisdom!  :beerchug:

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