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UrlSnooper / Re: Booting Url Snooper?
« on: April 28, 2015, 12:39 AM »
Cool.  Thanks, Jesse.  I'll watch for it.


UrlSnooper / Booting Url Snooper?
« on: April 27, 2015, 09:01 AM »
My pc has started to boot very slowly. I would like to know if there is a way to launch Url Snooper in "sniff" mode from the start menu in Win 8.1?  I would like to see if I accidentally installed a key logger that may be causing the slowness. Thanks for any suggestions you have.


A friend sent me some jpeg images from a Facebook page. I tried to "un-Facebook" the images by clicking on each picture's properties followed by the cmd (command) "Remove Properties and Personal Information." Doing this trashed all of the jpegs and this Windows task lacks an "undo" button.  I spent last night looking for an affordable program ($20 or so) but couldn't find anything, so, having found some cool programs before here (especially URL Snooper) I decided to ask. Thanks.


I am back now to report that I discovered WinpCap installs without a problem in Win7/RC1 if you install it as administrator and as an individual program and then give Windows permission to install it with the changes (including a supplemental download from WinpCap during the process) necessary for it to run. After that UrlSnooper runs great!

Thanks for a wonderful program!!! Even when not searching for multimedia it is so useful, especially so if you just want to see how many hundreds of times some web pages will try to redirect their traffic. With such sneakiness going on it is great to be able to keep tabs on it.

- Bob

I tried installing but it gets as far as the WinCap installation and quits. It says WinCap won't install in Win7 (RC1/Build 7100). Is there a workaround?  

P.S. There is. See my next reply. (I would have just deleted this post but didn't know how to do so.)

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