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Works on my computer. Windows Vista - 32 bit.

Yes, this can be done. I don't know of any specific program for Windows that does what you described with a with a linear line as a timer indicator but you could easily do it if you start off with the source code for Custom Desktop Logo: You would simply write a draw function that draws a line into an image in memory given a min, max, and current time. Custom Desktop Logo already has a timer so that can be used to update the time in the line. The text is also easy to do since we can take the text function with alpha blended shadows from Circle Dock:

For multiple timers, you could simply run more than one instance of the program.

Edit: If we want the line to be docked to an edge of the screen and take up something like 1-20 pixels so that other windows won't overlap it, that could also be possible. I remember seeing an example program over at CodeProject that taught you how to create a toolbar that reserves screen space. There are probably multiple code paths that can be taken to make the program in an easy fashion.

Does anyone know of a current program that does this or want to do it in AutoHotkey?

Circle Dock / Re: Easy Unicode Paster 2.0 is Released (Major Update)
« on: November 12, 2008, 11:42 PM »
Hello Curt,

I just tried both versions 1.2 and 1.4 out on my computer and the fonts of the buttons can be resized on both to the Microsoft Sans Serif, 22 point font. I've attached my working copy of 1.4 to this post, see if the font size works out for you.

As for the size of version 2, you can shrink it down to the size of version 1.4 if you delete all the other character sets you don't use in the Character Sets directory.

Circle Dock / Re: Problem with Custom Desktop Logo
« on: November 12, 2008, 11:31 AM »
Hmm, what happens if you minimize the Settings Panel and then right-click the tray icon and toggle the visibility of the logo?

The problem I see is that the middle button is typically used to hide/show the dock and Circle Dock won't know if you intended to hide/show the dock or if you wanted to open a program.

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