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Didn't notice anyone mentioning that zuploader changed it's name (and location in new installation) and Screenshot Captor cannot locate it anymore... How about making a quick fix to correct this one..:) New name for that program is ShareX... Rest should be easy to figure out...

Thank you!

Installed most recent (2.95.02) and just for curiosity, tried to check new version with autoupdate (Help -> Check for updates) and updater pops up big window indicating, that my version is newer than version database haves... Well, that's not a real issue but ... this window... There are no "Close this window" button etc anywhere.... and when I tried to capture this screen with Screenshot Captor itself, it only captured _empty_ notice window with only text "UPDATE CHECK" on it. All

I have a strong feeling about lurking bug here :)

Here is my mutt ..:)


Sorry, I just had to do this... couldn't resist...

I rarely win anywhere and now this cup for me was a perfect match (it was, if I remember right, only item I was "asking for"). Thank you so much!

EDIT: Cup arrived today (in one piece!). Whooa, what a great cup for my morning coffee! I feel so happy now. :)

Living Room / Good blog for software developers to follow
« on: April 12, 2011, 03:49 AM »
Quite recently, discovered this very interesting blog from developers to developers, called Alt Dev Blog a Day. A lot of pretty interesting posts daily and very good hints etc for all levels of coders. Most of the topics are close to game developers but it serves nicely all who need some inspiration for their daily development process.

Screenshot - 4_15_2011 , 8_47_46 AM_thumb.png

(and yes, I follow it via rss feed, just like most of the interesting sites all over the internet).

Edit: As a bonus, got another one for you to follow: Cbloom rants. Hope you all find these useful.

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