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For most browsers, you can also use middle-mouse-button (scrollwheel, whatever) clicking to open a new tab, so you don't need to use a keyboard modifier.

I use this feature (middle-mouse-button) frequently with my Opera. So no big news there..:)

Living Room / Re: TV via broadband ?
« on: January 20, 2009, 08:20 AM »

I would be interested in tips and comments regarding "watching TV" via broadband internet. 
Is dedicated software recommended? Are there any bearable offerings available at all ? Favorite web sites?

There is n+1 free and commercial softwares as well websites providing same stuff, to show some selection of TV channels which streams or are being streamed by someone else to internet with various bitrates. Shouldn't be hard to search some more popular titles from web, they are advertising quite aggressively even they itself doesn't usually provide anything else but frontend to show those stream same streams (most of them have very same streams, reason is quite obvious).

If I want to list some of my very favourites, there is one for software and another for webpage:

TVU Networks ( is p2p based software where you can easily find something more or less interesting to watch.

Freetube ( have decent collection of streams available.

Of course, there is _alot_ of others, which I'm not mentioning here, if others have some nice ones with some special twist (not just repeating all same channels), feel free to list it here.

Living Room / Genetic programming
« on: December 09, 2008, 03:38 AM »
Recently found this one: and I was quite impressed, how cool things can be done today...

Also I saw several simulations using similar technology and they were pretty interesting too, for example this one:

(and no, this genetic programming isn't anything _new_, just found something that raised my interest to study more...:)

Those does that filescanning (detecting those unwanted silences) too? Well, let's have a look and then we'll see, if there is any need for my idea..:)

(So I was missing that nice tool to _find_ those mp3's which contains too much silence at the end of the file).

I have quite large mp3 collection (which contains a lot of songs ripped by various people) and noticed that some of them (not too many but still...) contains _a lot_ of silence in the end on mp3 (play length could be something like 10 minutes when actual song is about 3 minutes). I would love to see small app which detects this silence and lists files which contains xx seconds of _extra_ silence at the end of mp3 file. No need to have actual functionality to remove that silence away, just detect it and list those files after scanning to user in some nice way.

(this max length of silence which is okay, should be also configured somehow).

This utility might come handy when you have >1000 files in multiple directories and would like to easily find those which needs some manual post-processing to remove extra length from them.

Hope this explanation of "problem" makes some sense..:)

EDIT: Found my Subject to be bit confusing, fixed now.

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