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UrlSnooper / Re: This one seems to tricky one... it's AAC stream but...
« on: September 03, 2010, 10:30 AM »
Thank you!

UrlSnooper / This one seems to tricky one... it's AAC stream but...
« on: August 30, 2010, 01:05 AM »

Can someone figure out (with or without UrlSnoopers help) what is the proper direct url for this one so it works in mediaplayers?

Where I'm working, because what I do, I'm allowed to listen radio streams freely all day long (while I'm doing other more important tasks). But there is one major problem in my point of view: I can listen only radiostreams which are using port 80. Many of those stations which I'd like to listen, are streaming to some higher port like 3276 or something similar and that kind of streams are happily blocked by our corporate firewall...

Does anyone have working setup for icecast or similar for relaying certain stations so I could listen them from relay at port 80?
I have been doing some experimenting with icecast and so far, couldn't find working way to relay, for example one of my favourite station WPRK (stream url: I know how to configure icecast for relaying but for some reason, this and several others doesn't want to be relayed..:(

It would be nice to have easy, smooth and proven-to-work template for icecast to relay various radiostreams to port I want.

Hope you understand my problem and can see some nice and easy solution for it.

Here is what I have trying to do so far, with no luck:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. <icecast>
  2.     <limits>
  3.         <clients>1</clients>
  4.         <sources>1</sources>
  5.         <threadpool>5</threadpool>
  6.         <queue-size>524288</queue-size>
  7.         <client-timeout>30</client-timeout>
  8.         <header-timeout>15</header-timeout>
  9.         <source-timeout>10</source-timeout>
  10.         <burst-on-connect>1</burst-on-connect>
  11.         <burst-size>65535</burst-size>
  12.     </limits>
  14.     <hostname></hostname>
  16.     <listen-socket>
  17.         <port>80</port>
  18.     </listen-socket>
  20.     <relay>
  21.         <server></server>
  22.         <port>4564</port>
  23.         <mount>/</mount>
  24.         <local-mount>/wprk.mp3</local-mount>
  25.         <on-demand>1</on-demand>
  26.         <relay-shoutcast-metadata>1</relay-shoutcast-metadata>
  27.     </relay>
  30.     <fileserve>1</fileserve>
  32.     <paths>
  33.         <basedir>/usr/share/icecast</basedir>
  35.         <logdir>/var/log/icecast2</logdir>
  36.         <webroot>/usr/share/icecast/web</webroot>
  37.         <adminroot>/usr/share/icecast/admin</adminroot>
  38.         <alias source="/" dest="/status.xsl"/>
  39.     </paths>
  41.     <logging>
  42.         <accesslog>access.log</accesslog>
  43.         <errorlog>error.log</errorlog>
  44.         <loglevel>3</loglevel>
  45.         <logsize>10000</logsize>
  46.     </logging>
  48.     <security>
  49.         <chroot>0</chroot>
  50.     </security>
  51. </icecast>

So, anyone with working solution?

EDIT: Also, if someone have time and interest to implement small utility (for windows) to be able to put those stations there easily to be relayed for certain port... it would be very cool.:)

Let those authorities know, that laptop contains a) childporn b) highly confidential material about government etc... and voila, that laptop is being recovered in no time at all...

Of course, if everyone keeps saying those things, effect will be diluted...:)

Living Room / Pac-man at Google Search...
« on: May 21, 2010, 01:27 PM »
Wow, now I like this... (and other google search sites as well) have pac-man on the front page... nice idea, indeed!

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