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Mouser. Any chance we could get FARR to treat program names like aliases? You have the option to stop search on exact alias match.. can we get an option to do the same for exact program match?

Hm. Only one problem I see with it so far.. can we make it so that if an alias matches it will ignore the fuzzy options? When I type the alias for my blog (nutang) it includes a whole long list of other files that have the same letters.

EDIT: Hm. I just checked the box for "stop search on exact alias match" which ends that problem.

Not sure if that's what the update was today or not.. fixing the version info.. but in the help file it now says the latest version is 2.24.01 but has the same changelog as the update 2.23.01. Which isn't actually present in the help file.

Find And Run Robot / Am I doing something wrong?
« on: June 18, 2008, 08:08 AM »
Some of my custom aliases, the ones that are websites, don't let me launch them unless I type the entire alias. Before that, all that shows up in the list is the name of the alias, and http: or https: . The full link doesn't appear until I finish typing. Have I added them wrong? All I do is make an alias name and copy/paste the link into the result box.

Hm. Must have been that new update... Yea I just tried it and it worked fine. Okay. lol. Problem solved.

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