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Ah, that time of year again. Finally found time and inspiration to work on this...

- Adding icons to the list view makes the search process really really really slow when I tried that. The alternative: showing the icon of the selected item below the 'Start search'-button.

Well, did both. If you want nice, but slow: icons are possible as an option.

Release: ISMONISM v0.5.0 (2020-11-30)
[Add] Possibility of icons per row in the ListView if an item has one. (thank you Darthagnon)
[Add] Option for icons in the ListView.
[Add] Show larger icon for focused ListView-item.

         See screenshot with icons on GitHub.

[Add] Checkmark in settings GUI for AppData/ProgramData application data folders as search folders.
[Add] Creation of SQLite database with search items (all files and shortcut-targets with matching extensions are stored while searching).
[Add] Option to keep 1 database.
[Change] Move settings file to 'Data' subfolder.
[Add] Option to start with saved database results.
[Add] Do not overwrite existing shortcuts when creating new ones. (If shortcut XYZ.lnk already exists, the new one will be named XYZ (1).lnk and so on.)
[Add] 'Do next' options at dialog after creating shotcuts.
[Add] Menu entry to open 'personal folder' in Windows Explorer.
[Bug fix] Minor bug fixes.

Planned: save up to 10 databases. Let's hope for a shorter release cycle for that :-\.

If you're looking for features to add, you could extract the file description from the exe files and show them in the listview (and add them to the shortcut created in start menu).

So apache.exe would be apache.exe - Apache Web Server
Yeah, I thought of that also. I'll have to look into that (A quick Internet search didn't lead to a description-retrieval-solution that works).

Thank you so much for making this program! I've been wanting something to "install" my portable programs, since Windows sadly doesn't offer much in the way of native support for portables.

ISMONISM works perfectly, and sounds like a new religion  :D

Any chance I could feature request:
 - icon support (makes telling EXEs apart easier),
 - scanlist caching (faster scanning, only scans changed/new shortcuts)
 -  and a blacklist (select an entry, press delete, and it hides it from the list of EXEs - very useful for e.g. portable Blender, which has a zillion EXEs)?
Thanks Darthagnon, and welcome to the forum.
- Adding icons to the list view makes the search process really really really slow when I tried that. The alternative: showing the icon of the selected item below the 'Start search'-button.
- Caching isn't planned. I don't think it makes the scanning considerably faster.
- Some sort of blacklist function is planned.

Release: ISMONISM v0.4.0 (2020-01-04)
  - [Change] Not start search automatically.
  - [Add] Button to start search.
  - [Add] Option to start search automatically.
  - [Add] Option to start maximized.
  - [Add] Keyboard shortcuts (see menu).
  - [Change] Re-order GUIs and menu for the above.
  - [Bug fix] Partial file extension matches. (Thank you Ath)
  - [Bug fix] Edit folders in settings GUI.
  - [Bug fix] Not always checking own folder for settings. (Thank you mouser)

The joy of seeing a screenshot of something you made in your news reader:
ISMONISM is (also) the favorite of Martin Brinkmann at gHacks:o :o :o


  • Besides .exe files, also .e and .ex extensions are found, and, after adding com to the list of extensions, also .c (and probably .co) files are listed. I'd expect these extensions to match exactly, and .e or .ex files are not executable files, AFAICS.

Ah, should have known that. Partial extension matching fixed.

  • On the settings pages, one button has the caption 'Edit focused' and another 'Remove selected'. IMHO, 'focused' should be replaced by 'selected', as focused is a seldom used term in this context.

Hmm, not 'fixed'. You can select more than one row in the ListView and then remove them in one go. With edit you can only do that for one row at a time (the last clicked row, which has the focus...). IMHO there need to be a distinction. Suggestions are welcome for other wording.

BTW, there are bugs with edit (for folders: add instead of edit; it works on an empty ListView). Fixed.

If launched from it's portable directory manually, it finds the settings file properly.
But if I (or in this case ISMONISM) creates a shortcut in the start menu, then when launched from the start menu I think it must be looking elsewhere for its settings file, and it starts with default settings.

Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. SetWorkingDir, %A_ScriptDir%

Next I'm going to work on the 'not automatically start searching when launched'-thing, then I'll release a version which includes above fixes.

Bug report:

Bug report:

Crap, I already thought I had forgotten something, but couldn't remember what...
When adding the check marks-sort, I inserted 2 columns (1 for the check marks and 1 hidden). But I forgot to update all ListView-data retrievals...

Release: ISMONISM v0.3.1 (2020-01-03)
  - [Bug fix] See above
  - [Bug fix] Status bar did not update personal shortcut folder if changed in settings.

Thanks (again) mouser for your comments.

It does seem to be mis-identifying some items as not having Start Menu shortcuts when they do.

Yep, that's a bug (all MS Office apps are false positives on my system, among others). I seem to have fixed that.

Release: ISMONISM v0.3.0 (2020-01-02)
  - [Add] Settings GUI. See screenshot on GitHub.
  - [Add] Main GUI resizable (but not remembered). Thank you tomos.
  - [Add] ListView sortable on check marks (only sort checked at the top) Thank you tomos.
  - [Bug fix] See above. Thank you mouser.
  - [Bug fix] 'Show in Windows Explorer' function not working.

This is great :Thmbsup:

Very nice !


Possible features:
  • ability to resize or make window fullsize (would be helpful due to long list of exe's)
  • ability to sort by selected/unselected OR filter unselected

  • Implemented. Both will be possible in the next release. :)
  • Sort is easier to implement so i'll add that to the to do list. No promises on filtering...

Cheers Winkie

NANY 2020 entry information

Application name:ISMONISM (In Start Menu Or Not In Start Menu)
Version:0.5.0   (2020-11-30)
Short description:An utility for scanning folders recursively, to find files for which there is no matching shortcut in (a subfolder of) of any user-defined folder.
License:MIT License
Supported operating systems: Windows NT (in theory) and later (tested in Window 10).
Scripting language:AutoHotkey 1.1
Web page:See Repository on GitHub.
Download page:See Releases on GitHub.
Version history:See Releases on GitHub.


Originally an idea by mouser.

This utility was created with the Windows Start Menu in mind. By default it scans the Program Files folders and its subfolders (defined the 'search folders'), to find executables (*.exe) for which there is no matching item in (a subfolder of) the Start Menu (defined the 'shortcut folders').

Any file that is in (a subfolder of) the search folders, but does not have a shortcut in (a subfolder of) a shortcut folder is listed in the application when it is started.

As mouser pointed out, this application can be used to:
  • find programs that aren't on your start menu for some reason, maybe because they were left over from an uninstall;
  • scan a portable app directory that one would like to have added to the start menu.

The shortcut folders, the file extensions to search for, and the search folders are user configurable, so it is not limited to the Start Menu alone.

  • Portable application with a minimalistic interface.
  • The ability to create shortcuts of found items in a user configurable 'personal shortcut folder' (By default a subfolder of the Start Menu).
  • The ability to copy paths of found items to the clipboard.
  • The ability to jump to a found item in Windows Explorer.
  • The ability to search for a found item online.
  • The ability to save a search and re-open that when the application is launched.

Planned features
  • Some sort of ignore function for search folders (suggested by mouser and Darthagnon).
  • Save up to 10 searches (and maybe do something fancy with them).
  • (Maybe) Retrieve file descriptions of items and use them for shortcut names (suggested by mouser).

See screenshot on GitHub.


Extract the zip-file to a new folder. The application will save its settings in a subfolder named 'Data'.

Using the application
After starting the application, clicking the 'start search'-button will scan with the default settings.
It will scan the 'shortcut folders' first, then the 'search folders'. When that's done you will see the 'missing items' in the list view.
Then you can check one or more check marks, which enables the buttons on the right. Or right-click in the list view for other functions.

Delete the folder containing the application.

Known issues
  • There is no check for hard links. This means that some applications in the Program Files folder are listed (wmplayer.exe, wordpad.exe etc.), at least at 64-bit systems.

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: NANY IDEA: Find start menu orphans
« on: December 23, 2019, 11:37 AM »
Exciting!!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Congratulation Winkie  :Thmbsup:

Thank you both.

Will speed up now :)

There's no rush. I still haven't implemented the 'create shortcuts'-feature yet... And getting to the point where anyone can use the program (e.g. change settings without editing the source)  may also take a while...

I did work on this project today, and the 'retrieve data from the ListView'-tests resulted in adding some little features. Look like this will be the GUI for the next 'release':


N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: NANY IDEA: Find start menu orphans
« on: December 20, 2019, 01:13 PM »
Well, here is my stab at this idea:


The source script, written in AutoHotkey: ISMONISM.ahk. (In Start Menu Or Not In Start Menu)

The script scans the Start Menu and for exe files in the Program Files folders by default. But other folders and file types can be added in the configuration section at the top of the script.

The bonus feature is on the to do list. And will stay there for a couple of days.

N.A.N.Y. 2014 / Re: NANY 2014 Release - Spews
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:00 PM »
Another review landed in my RSS reader today: Spews Review by Softpedia!

Color toggle maybe? (I don't use that one myself)

For hard to read pages I use No Color.


Note that the clip command isn't available on Windows XP and earlier versions op Windows by default. See here for more information and instructions how to obtain the functionality if  your system does not have it.


And Skrommel also made a simple one too (of course): WhatColor.

Pixie is indeed a standalone exe, which you can use to copy the HTML code (default shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+C).

If you want a color picker with a "normal" window or a bit more options you can try Just Color Picker, which supports portability and has no tray icon.

Another simple one: Colorette. This one has a sound effect and when a color is picked it copies the code to the clipboard and exits.

It seems to give me an error "not compatible with Pale Moon 19.0.2"...
Hmm, it installs fine in Pale Moon Portable 20.0.1-x64 on my system*. I've no idea why it doesn't on yours.
Note that you can also add a MultiFox toolbar button, as a separate add-on.

* Yup, I also use "multi-Firefox" setup: Firefox as my default browser, Pale Moon Portable for wiki logins and a Firefox Portable for other persons in the household.

For my ultra-heavy-duty favorite pages, I made an entire (low tek) special home page with them. Thus it's available from anywhere, so I don't have to think about home comp vs phone vs friend's house vs net cafe vs hotel. It's just there.

I do the same thing for sites I think I'll want to come back to fairly often.   For the rest, I use Linkman Pro, which I love for many reasons, including its superfast search capabilities.  I keep an identical copy of Linkman on my netbook.
I also use Linkman Pro, but I have set MyBookmarks as my homepage/new tab page for the frequent visited pages. Previously I only used the bookmark toolbar in Firefox, but it became too crowded...

Is it an option to use Multifox for different logins?

You can also run multiple instances of Firefox Portable.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Links to Reviews and Comments - Add yours!
« on: November 18, 2011, 01:23 PM »
Screenshot Capture was reviewed at addictivetips two day ago:

Capture Screenshots, Edit And Add Special Effects & Objects

We have previously covered screenshot tools like Shotty and Greenshot, but if you are looking for a screenshot tool that lets you do more than just capture screen area, give Screenshot Captor a try. Screenshot Captor is a very extensive screenshot capturing tool that lets you take screenshots, edit them, add special effects, adjust colors, add objects and share with others. It lets you specify pre-capture and post-capture settings, special effect and drawing object options and file naming templates.

Screenshot Captor is a massive tool with a lot more options included.

The best so far is keeping different win32pad (a lightweight txt editor) windows on my second screen and moving them around as needed, but that's not perfect because when Windows crashes I lose them all...

For that role I use 2 instances of Memo (AHK scripts by Drugwash) which has auto-save.

General Software Discussion / Firefox 8 is out
« on: November 09, 2011, 02:32 PM »
Mozilla Firefox 8.0 is out

Update to version 8 automatically changed the theme to the Default 8.0 theme. (New update behavior?)
At first I didn't notice that myself, but my mum started yelling: "$#%@, where are the green back and forward buttons?" ;D

N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
« on: November 01, 2011, 01:42 PM »
thanks for the report.
You're welcome.

2) What is the 'Toaster'???
@skwire: maybe rename the "Enable toaster popup" to "Enable toaster popup on song change" is a little bit clearer what to expect?

Another thing, can you change the "Show toaster popup" hotkey action to always show the toaster?
That is: show it also if the options "Enable toaster popup" = False and/or "Do not show toaster popup while main window is active" = True.

N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
« on: November 01, 2011, 01:20 PM »
    + Added basic support for cover art in tags.
:o... Thanx skwire  :Thmbsup: Works as advertised here on my Win XP system.

Nice review of sPlaylistMaker on addictivetips today:
Create M3U And M3U8 Playlist via Drag And Drop With sPlaylistMaker

Finally more attention for this little but very nice app. :Thmbsup:

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