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thanks for your feedback.

I downloaded TodoTXT and put in in the plugins folder and refreshed the plugins. I'm having the same problem however: td is not recognized as a plugin.

I would say there's something weird with my python installation, but I did reinstall the activestate version and I did install Ruby for the first time to try the above example.

Any other ideas?


I am interested in getting this working with Python. I have followed the instructions exactly and created both a fscript.rb and in the directory

C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\FScript

that contains the  following:


However, it only recognizes the fscript.js plugin and not the ruby or python one. I got the ruby script from your example above. I uninstalled and re-installed activestate python and installed ruby, but these had not effect.

I'm getting the feeling that there is something else missing here, maybe some kind of SDK that I don't have installed. I have the NET 2.0 framework installed on my Windows XP(SP2).

Little help?

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