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 :Thmbsup: Dang it!

Thanks for that tip jpprater! I did not realize that setting that switch would help with the issue...

For now, that helps me out! It is mildly frustrating when I am trying to right click on items and choose what I need from the context menu to have to keep trying it until I can actually keep the menu open long enough to get the item I want. I really like the application though, and I was continuing to use it even with the minor frustrations.

Thanks again for posting that tip!


LaunchBar Commander / Re: Context Menu closing
« on: April 01, 2013, 02:49 PM »
Mouser - I have been using SSC 4 for about a week now and it is Great! (as usual)

I just wanted to send you a more descriptive screen cap video of the problem. The issue seems to occur with MS Office apps as well as other applications, and it is the context menu that loses focus as noted in the video. Once LBC is closed, the context menu starts working as expected.

Strangely, this does not happen EVERY time I try, but most of the time.

Thanks for making these great applications!


Mouser - I mistakenly posted my screenshot in the version info thread.


Clip.png  Thanks Mouser!

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Context Menu closing
« on: March 13, 2013, 06:19 PM »
Thanks Mouser!

If you need any further details please let me know!

This really is a great application!

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