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RAID-5! ;p

Crap I don't do any of those!

Music should be on the list though :)

I'd have to say none of these apply for me either, but Music would be my productive Fix.

A tip for cheapskates like me: buy two HDDs, a small one for the SOs and the software and a big one (320 GB go out really cheap these days) for the rest of data. A Raptor might shave you a few seconds (with each passing generation of 7.200 rpms disks, the gap is narrowing), but you save more than 100 bucks in the process. Hmmm, I see f0dder mentioned it :)

Don't worry about the fans, even the most cheapo case in the market brings along a fan or two with it.

About the power consumption problems Ralf mentions: I suspect something or some other component was troubling your PSU, 10k discs don't suck so much power as you may expect, mostly because they have left things to move than, say, a 1 TB drive, which sucks down some watts more. Of course, another story is when we talk about spinning up the drives when the computer starts...

Having a 120mm fan in the front (80mm if you have to) AND back (120mm for sure) pushing the air through the case from front to back is actually a pretty big deal, makes a Huge difference. Don't underestimate a decent fan in those two spots with any system you build/use.  Even from bottom to top if you can find a case that at least has venting at the top.

General Software Discussion / Re: Are you testing XP SP3 RC ??
« on: December 05, 2007, 02:18 PM »
Microsoft has published the Windows XP Service Pack 3 Overview as a PDF.

Funny how clear they make it,  "You Aren't Getting Any New Features In Here! (So Be Sure To Buy Vista For That!)".  Wouldn't want anyone to think XP was adding something of value on the level of Vista.

Thanks for the welcome Mouser.

I'm also planning a mini-review/comparison between this and others like Hijackthis!, AutoRuns and a2squared Hijackfree.

What conclusion did you come to in the usefulness of these 4 programs?  Does one seem to be more handy than the rest?

Living Room / Re: When Acronyms Collide
« on: December 05, 2007, 01:32 PM »
Hahaha~! :D

That's hilarious! I can imagine some slogans.

Ride MILF!

MILF - We blow the competition away!


MILF - You'd be surprised where we've been!

OMG that's the best laff I've had in a while thanks.

RAID with Parity would be RAID-5, and I wouldn't touch it... still only guards you against a single failing drive, and rebuilds when a drive dies are expensive (and might generate enough stress that an additional drive dies, *poof*).

RAID-MIRROR might seem wasteful in that you "lose" one full drive's capacity, don't get enhanced write speed etc., but it's really the only way to go. People do tend to weep when their 1.5TB RAID-5 arrays die completely.

And btw... mouser: damn you Amerikans for having such cheap electronics prices! A 74gig raptor drive will set me back ~$195, and the 150gig edition ~$270. Those drives are spendy.

Thanks for the tip fodder.  In all the builds I've done in the past, I've never messed with RAID, but someone was telling me about (musta been RAID 5) why I should.  So if I schedule backup daily of all important files & folders, there really no sense in even running RAID-MIRROR?  I also read (I believe on wikipedia) that you have an equal chance of both drives failing as you do just 1, when you are using RAID 5.  Sounded strange, but I suppose I shall stay away.

From a recent experience I want to try to argue that when you build your next PC, you do not just go buy a giant Hard Drive for it.

Instead, buy TWO hard drives:
  • One pricey but fast for your C drive (operating system and program files) - The Western Digital 10,000 RPM, 150gb drives are about $180.
  • One cheap but big for your Data and for Backup and Scratch use - Lots of 500gb-750gb, 7200rpm drives to be had for $200 and under.

The reason for this approach is several-fold:
  • The super fast C drive really does make a difference.  I think it's probably one of the most cost-effective ways to speed up your computer in terms of real world use.
  • Having two drives lets you backup from C to D and from D to C, so that your task of performing regular backups is really easy and fast and you can protect yourself in the case that one drive fails.

I couldn't agree more.  I built my last main system using a 76gig 10,000 RPM WD Raptor, no regrets. Only way to go, barring a steep investment in SCSI.  I am about to build again and I am going to remove my second hard drive (200gb Seagate) which I've used for overflow storage (as it just creates more heat inside the computer) and move it externally.  I too, plan on buying the 150gb Raptor this time, and may sacrifice internal case heat and get a second WD Raptor to run in the RAID that uses only 2 drives, but includes parity for some performance increase (can't remember which that is).

I believe myself and others have saved much drive life keeping documents that arent accessed more than a couple times a week on an external drive.  Best way is to buy the drive & enclosure separately.  I recommend Seagate because of their 5-year warranty, also because they aren't any worse than anyone else out there.  All manufacturers have some failures at some point.  I also recommend staying away from 750gb+ drives as their failure rate is much higher than 120-500gb drives, to date.   Build your own external drive even though the retail enclosed drives sell so cheaply now, for one reason because the drive inside only comes with a 1-year warranty.  AMS Venus DS3 Series of drive enclosures, as seen here ( or here ( have been extremely reliable.   I have built over 20 computers in the last 3 years, and have put together more than 35 externals for people, including myself to store music, video collections, ebooks, scanned documents and various other files.   For anyone that says the warranty means nothing because the drive is worthless if it crashes and loses data, so I'll just buy the cheaper drive:  9 out of 10 failed disks can be recovered with software and are not a crippling mechanical failure,  plus 5 years is a long time to be covered for.

Oh yeah and don't forget your <a href="">Quad Core Processor</a> baby! The only way to go for multi-tasking whores like everyone here. ;)

edit: grammar

Bugfix alert! Updated 2006-12-28. Details in the thread below...

General description of KeyNote (along with the full disclosure - it's not actively maintained anymore, though I *am* working on a rewritten version almost every day):

Best regards to all,

Is this true?  Working on a rewrite yet?  I don't know how I missed this, I would love to donate to the cause...

Screenshot Captor / Re: some Bugs that are Annoying....
« on: September 27, 2007, 10:11 AM »
Thank you for correcting #1 mr. mouser :)

Screenshot Captor / some Bugs that are Annoying....
« on: September 19, 2007, 08:24 PM »
1.  Before 2.35.01 or so, Screenshot Captor would hold its autoselect position on all captured images (preferences|on capture|auto select active window).  Now, if you leave the current image, that autoselect disappears and is forgotten permanently on all captured images.
2.  When closing Screenshot Captor using multiple monitors, SC does not remember which monitor it was last used on (in my case monitor #2) when next opened.

Those are the most important issues that I can think of right now, Thanks, vegas

General Software Discussion / Re: Good Folder Printer
« on: July 17, 2007, 09:59 AM »
Directory Lister, easily the best piece of software out there in this category has been updated to a Final Version 1.0,  and is now shareware  :(

In case anyone is still paying attention, Call Station 5.0 was just released.  I have no need for it, but every previous major version upgrade has been quite substantial, so probably worth a look.



YES! YES! YES!  Finally!  Without having to edit my own file with zoom preferences on a page by page basis,  my endless quest for a good text zoom addon has finally come.

I just noticed THIS NoSquint ( new addon over at the Firefox addons page ( for the never updated, less impressive, TextZoom.

This guy is my freakin hero!  As with the previous text zoom, it will adjust the zoom permantly on a whateverpercentyouwant basis OR remember how you zoom on each domain you visit for each following visit.  Awesome.

Just wanted to mention that my all-time favorite Firefox Extension, NoSquint ( has been updated to version 1.0 with many changes & fixes.  It is MUCH smoother now that before, especially when loading multiple pages.

General Software Discussion / Re: Guitar Hero Clones for Your PC
« on: February 14, 2007, 09:12 AM »
Kids?  Heck with that I played Guitar Hero 2 over Xmas with the family, it rocked!  Just too bad they didn't license the absolute original versions of the songs (damn the music industry).

Living Room / Re: HD wmv movies on DVD (DRM furstration)
« on: February 08, 2007, 09:26 AM »
...And the pirates just download a 4.3gigabyte .mkv (matroska video container) with AC3 sound and H.264 encoded 720p version, which is probably higher quality than the .wmv. So much for copy protections/DRM, as usual they only get in the honest people's way, while the pirates have it all.

And blu-ray/hd-dvd has already been broken.

I've got that disc too.  It actually is higher quality than most anything available online, equal to blu-ray or hd-dvd just using a different codec .  The video is actually 1080p in WMV, which itself takes a pretty decent newer system to play.  But I also own Zoom Player WMV, which was supposed to be able to play this, I never figured it out either.  I didn't want to have to install the latest Windows Media Player.  Besides, if I remember correctly, once you do get it to work, it is a time-limited license.

General Software Discussion / Re: My favorite software! What's yours?
« on: February 07, 2007, 02:18 AM »
Wow, I like your setup cthorpe, I could implement an idea or two from that.  (I too am a True Launch Bar supporter and had no idea about the window plug-in) thanks for taking the time to post your set-up.  On a similar note, if you had a wider screen like say 24'' 1980x1200 would you run everything on the bottom of the screen because it might fit better, or do you prefer having it at the top regardless.   Cheers,  vegas

Exactly.  It's really a compromise to give people both a chance to win, and also time to consider using the discount.

Realize that unlike some of these other websites which have popped up recently whose entire business model is designed around making affiliate fees from sales, etc., that the discounts and giveaways as never planned, it just sort of happened.

When we first started with the discounts and giveaways we had the giveaway end at the very end of the month, and then there would be like 24 hours between people finding out they didn't win until the end of the discount.  Seemed kind of crazy and unfair to the companies too.

So now the idea is that we end the giveaway in the middle of the month, and then peopl have the other half of the month to contemplate the discount.  It also matches up well now with our newsletters since the first newsletter we can remind people about the giveaway deadline, close enough to deadline that they actually remember, and in the second newsletter of the month we can do the same about the end of discount deadline.

Now I get it  :Thmbsup:  Thanks for the explanation.  Also to mention, the versions other sites give away aren't necessarily the current version, nor the full version, and don't necessarily include any future updates or even support - even some come with extended  time limitations, sheeesh.  I like the color of the grass here.  :D

why would the deadline for a January drawing be before even the middle of the month? and not more towards the end? just curious.  :D

Just stumbled across this site ( great detail in one photograph, I can read the street signs and see peoples faces, amazing!
edit: this is the actual Boston image -->

taken from the J-Walk blog -

I forgot to mention this one...

Crystal Castles

Wow, crystal castles! totally forgot about that game, with the little trees bouncing around.  Nice call.

Living Room / Re: How do you spend your time on the computer?
« on: January 11, 2007, 04:52 AM »
My time spent on computer:
  • Programming
  • Spending far too much time reading political blogs and watching c-span.
  • Working on DC website

oh ok, you don't play games! shuuuuure ya don't.  :Thmbsup:

His list is up to 56 now, last updated in mid December.  Instead of creating the list here, does anyone see any explorer replacements worth noting that are NOT on his list yet?

Just wanted to add to this post since it seems to be the longest running at the moment.

LaLa - (for trading music cd's) ($1.00 per trade + $.75 for shipping)
c|net article - http://reviews.cnet....9240_7-31841184.html
(mentioned in a recent post I believe)


Swaptree - (books, music, dvds, video games - still in private beta) (only your shipping costs, so they say)
c|net article - http://reviews.cnet....10921_7-6537194.html
(mentioned previously by Carol)

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