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Use the screensaver installed with jkdefrag/MyDefrag.

FWIW, the new jkdefrag is now called MyDefrag: (GUI)
I knew about the screensaver technique, Its not what i want and i hate screensavers and have them disabled

I would like to have jkdefrag start defragging when ever my computer is idle for ( you could set a time 10mins or whatever)

Couldnt there be a second version that enables you to simply change the colour of your taskbar.  I would like to change mine without using windows styles, but I wouldnt want it changing all the time!

Find And Run Robot / Re: Another FARR similar app - Executor
« on: August 23, 2009, 01:58 PM »
I prefer FARR to executor and all the others i tried before i got to FARR,
why do I prefer FARR?  As someone who is not a geeky type I like the fact that it is easy to use and the killer for me is that it uses much less memory than the others. The way i have FARR set up it sits in the tray and uses 2mb! executor uses 5.5

I'm slightly confused AKx, (Its easy to get me confused). If I use your plugin with everything do I still use  ev before the search term ?
Also what i find strange is that when everthing is running the memory usage of FARR goes down to less than 1mb and everything is using 8.7mb

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