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Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: XYplorer File Manager
« on: January 04, 2010, 06:42 AM »
just to let you all know its still under rapid development and I am now using ver 8.8 there is also a script written by Jacky that will update it automatically for you.

well I tried most of the progs mentioned and a few more I came across.  I wanted somthing that was good at viewing pics, with different options for viewing and hopefully customisable. I also wanted something that would enable tagging and searching of the pics etc.
my favourites:
PhotoManager 2008 by Proxima, very good for viewing in full screen mode you get thumnails along the top. Can add tags and assign categories too. Easy to use
Coded color pro 5.8.2
lots of viewing options, can make catalogs, assign keywords and a nice calender view.
Idimager 4.2
easy to make virtual collections and fast collections, has calender function. iptc/xmp tagging, good healthy forum
Free, and for viewing I thought this was the coolest. You can make Albums of collections. ITs quick at drwing thumnails. Easy to tag and then search. Can upload and sync with the web. This prog is fairly new and doesnt have as many functions yet as the others but was kind of cool.
anyway out of all the progs I tried out these are my favs.

ps If you want a simple way to edit your exif/iptc data just install the xnview shell extension   then select a file or files and rightclick and choose from the menu, which also includes resize, rotate etc.

Living Room / Re: What are you waiting for?
« on: December 02, 2009, 02:51 AM »
computer to force you off now and then for your own good
The spring, hate the dark of winter, hmm a L.E.D lined hat?
Tasty food that is also healthy
exercise routine you love to do!
The world to "get over" homosexuality, whats the big deal
the end to soaps on tv

Living Room / do you know good photo collection hosting site
« on: December 02, 2009, 02:30 AM »
At the moment I am using FlickR, just because I heard about them 1st, but anyone had better experience of other sites where you upload your holiday snaps so that family and friends can easily view them.  Should be free and easy to use. 

For me its all about maximum program compatability. This is why I am using xp and not a mac os or umbuntu or whatever.

I did the "I'm going to run the less popular, but infinitely more cool OS" thing a long time ago. It was the Amiga & to this day modern OSes could learn a thing about it's elegance and grace. AmigaOS could pre-emptively multi-task very well with just 512K of RAM. Installing device drivers was a simple matter of copying one or two files into a certain directory on your hard drive. Remove the device later? Just delete those two files & you're done. Independent file formats ensured that any word processor could load a file written with another. Same with images and graphics programs. Just try to tell me that wasn't elegant.

I moved to a PC when I realized that, for me, a computer isn't about it's OS. It's about the apps.

I tried Win7 for a couple of weeks. Too many of my  apps didnt like it or would not work. I tried work arounds.  So I will stay with xp for a couple more years until the apps catch up with the operating system.

No offense, but your problem isn't a case of your apps not catching up to the operating system. That's already happened. Anything that can work on Vista (a two year old OS) can work on Win7. Anything that can't needs to be upgraded or replaced. Any apps still in development will work with Win7. If yours don't then chances are development stopped a long time ago and you need to start searching for a replacement that'll do what it did.

well to be honest I cant now remember which progs I could not get to run. I just know they were ones I wanted to use!  I especially had problems with some portable apps.  Anyway in the end I thought, hmm not a bad os but I will come back to it in a couple of years, by then the  current progs will all work, at least I hope!  Since I moved back to xp I cant say I missed anything about Win7.  To be honest the only reason I moved from win98 to XP was because my favourite program at the time Adobe Photoshop stopped making their app compatible with 98 so I was forced to change.

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