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Yup, same here.

Heh, I thought it seemed like I was having to hit enter a lot more to make my computer standby (I'm using the nircmd aliases too)...  but I hadn't realized why.

As someone who makes a living in doing computer tech support, I feel pretty stupid for not trying something so obvious already.  Yes, increasing the score of the "enable" alias does make a difference.   1041 seems to be the magic number to make it work.

Actually... I now just deleted enable.bat out of my scoring history and that seems to make the original 1000 score work again.  Sorry to hijack the thread over that issue.

Thanks for the help jgpaiva  :up:.

(Still hoping that mouser can make an automatic space after the auto-complete though!  :))

@jgpaiva:  Yes, I do include C:\Shortcuts in my search folders, but I have a lot of other things in that folder I'd like to continue indexing*.  Currently I'm assigning a score of +200 to anything in that folder to give it an extra boost.  I suppose I could rename my batch files so they didn't have the same name as my aliases, but I would think the purpose of scoring is to take care of that.  If there isn't a fix, I might end up doing just that, but I'm hoping mouser will create a different, trivial bug so he can fix this one!  But thanks for the suggestion.

* Having that folder is a hold-over from when I used Launchy.  I used it to force an index of  important places by placing shortcuts to files and directories in the folder.  It also became a dumping ground to put a bunch of launcher-based utilities I often run.  Really, I could probably do without it now, but I'm lazy and it is still pretty convenient.

@nitrix-ud:  Sounds like that would certainly give the program a bit more added flexibility!

Huh...  this one's got me baffled.  Just installed 2.13.06 from the link above.  I have two similar custom aliases (both of which are set to score 1000) and both of them are broken in a different way.

Group Alias Name:  disable
RegEx Pattern:  ^disable (.*)?
Results:  disable $$1 | c:\shortcuts\disable.bat $$1

When I type di and hit tab, FARR shows disable, but does not put a space after the auto-completed entry.  The results window shows 1 - disable $$1      Alias disable.  If I manually add a space, an argument, and press Enter, then it does work.

Group Alias Name:  enable
RegEx Pattern:  ^enable (.*)?
Results:  enable $$1 | c:\shortcuts\enable.bat $$1

When I type en and hit tab, FARR shows C:\Shortcuts\enable.bat  (including the space after the auto-completed entry).  When I type my argument and press Enter, nothing happens.  The results window shows only 1 - enable      C:\Shortcuts\.

Ideally, when I enter di or en and press tab, the entry should auto-complete (and show just the alias name, not the path to the program it's supposed to launch), and automatically add a space to the end of the entry.  At least, that's my preference.

Hope that helps.

Yes, mouser, that's what I'd like to see back...

For example,  I have a batch file called enable.bat that I can use to enable different things on my computer, such as my wireless lan (wlan).  I've created an alias regex (^enable (.*)?) that calls the batch file.  I used to be able to type en, press tab to auto-complete to enable, type the argument, wlan, and press Enter to execute.  At least that's how I think I remember it...  perhaps I had to type a space before wlan though?  Like many others, I'm a Launchy convert and am most familiar/comfortable with how that works.

Returning the old functionality would make me happy, but another +1 on suggestions from kartal and s.newave.

Yep, exact same problem here - occurred as of yesterday's update.  Turned it off in options, closed, opened options and turned it back on - no change.

Didn't realize just how much I depended on tab auto-complete until it didn't work anymore...

(mouser:  I'm in love with FARR, BTW - thanks for all of your hard work on it!)

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