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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Double Clipboard Hotkey
« on: November 12, 2010, 07:54 PM »
Well, I certainly didn't plan on THAT epic!  In my idea, I don't want ANY GUI at all (except, perhaps, a tray icon to keep the process running).  I don't want to remember lots of key-commands.  I am a PowerPro user, and so I have hotkeys mapped to everything under the sun already.  I can't work with a program that doesn't allow me to change hotkeys.  I tried a program called "clipboards" which allows you 9 clipboards, you switch between them using alt+1, alt+2, etc.  Problem is that many programs (especially code-editors) will use those hotkeys also, and "clipboards" won't let you change them.  I just want ONE extra keyboard mapped to use win+c, win+x and win+v.  I see that Skrommel has something similar called "clipstep" which will give you multiple clipboards and you can cycle through them without any GUI - problem with that program is that it actually saves all the data to files, which is slow unless you set the executable's priority to very high. 
     What I am thinking, and I've coded somethin like it in Powerpro already (but it doesn't work right all the time, only some of the time and in some programs), is that when you copy with win+c, it grabs the clipboard into memory and stores it there until you use win+v.   Now, I could see the value of having the option of displaying a little window to show you what is in you win-clipboard as well as your regular clipboard.
     I am *very* interested to do this.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Double Clipboard Hotkey
« on: November 12, 2010, 12:06 PM »
Hello, y'all!  I thought of a quickie (for y'all, at least).  I want to push win+c, win+x, and win-v to copy, cut and paste but to an alternate clipboard.  That way I can quickly clip out two things(whether it be bitmaps, text, or dataobjects) and paste them just as quickly.  Other users might like different global hotkeys, but I want win+.  If nobody makes this, I am going to figure out how to do it - but it will take me longer.  Thanks for reading my poor note.  -Brother Gabriel-Marie

BrowserTraySwitch / Re: BrowserTraySwitch & Vista
« on: October 20, 2009, 10:19 AM »
Hello!  I like Browser Tray Switch very much.  I have to do web-work on computers that aren't my desk computer, so I carry around all my app-tools on a thumb drive.  I keep several browsers so I can log in under different logins and Browser Tray Switch helps immensely.

Problem however!  Sometimes I have to use a computer with Vista Home, SP2, and the Browser Tray Switch (the config works fine on XP) doesn't change the default.  The icon changes in the task bar, but there is no effect.  Please help!

Hello!  I just stumbled on this wonderful Barnacle.  I've been searching and dreaming of a customizable toolbar to inject into Adobe Indesign.  Barnacle is perfect because it makes use of Indesigns thousand keyboard commands.  And it works in Indesign, but is glitchy.  Sometimes it flickers, sometimes it stays on top of Indesign's dropdown menus and sometimes it causes the scrolling to slow, other times it causes the tabbed menus inside the floating panels to freeze for a few moments.  Unless it begins to work more smoothly, I will have to abandon Barnacle.  I am running XP pro on a Dell Precision duo core with Indesign CS2.  I tried lowering the system priority on Barnacle but it didn't seem to help.  Finally, while Barnacle is running, it slows down other programs too that aren't even Barnacled.  Is there something I can do to help Barnacle work better?  All my toolbars appear just fine, its only the system performance that seems to be off.

update to post 11 years later:
I just wanted to point out, that 11 years later, I noticed that this was my very first post on Donation Coder.  It was Barnacle that brought me to DonationCoder.

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