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Screenshot Captor / GoTo last captured image
« on: October 05, 2012, 03:30 PM »
Salvete!  If I capture an image and then open the editor and rename the image from there, the image gets renamed okay, but then it gets lost from the editor, and SC loads a different image.  As I have lots of images in that directory (30-day cleanup...), it is hard to find the image again in the scrolling file list.

Here are my suggestions:
  • Fix it so that when an image gets renamed, it remains focused in the editor.
  • In the GoTo menu, add "last-captured image".

Also, I would like to add a global hotkey that will display the editor with the last captured image.  I like to take a lot of screenshots that get autonamed and autosaved and autocopied to the clipboard, that way I can paste them immediately into an email in Thunderbird.  The files are there if I need them.  However, sometimes, after the capture, I need to add little circles or whatnot to the image.  So I have disabled the option of capturing that you get on single-clicking the tray icon - that way I can double-click on the tray icon to open the editor.  I would rather single-click on the tray icon to open the editor, however.  

For this, I suggest that it be added an option to open the editor to the last-captured image, and to add this option to the "hotkeys" options in the settings window.

Thanks for listening!


I have two instances of firefox open which I've started using the profile manager.  My problem is that if I take a screenshot from instance #2, which is not the default instance, the auto-name gotten by Screenshot Captor is a name from the other firefox instance - which means that the autoname has nothing to do with the image I am capturing.

In Firefox #1 (default), I've a tab opened to panda bears.
In Firefox #2, I've a tab opened to chickens.

I push the printscreen button and draw a box over one of the panda bears.
The screenshot gets captured and saved with the name of "screenshot_chicken.png".

I've a related problem due to firefox instances on the browser-tray-switcher application.

ContextMenu Commander / Re: ContextMenu Commander
« on: October 05, 2012, 08:50 AM »
Ha!  FileMenuTools does most of the things named here.
I say that if you REALLY wanted to call a program "ContextMenuCommander" that you would be able to create subgroups of *existing* context menu items inserted by other applications.  There is an application that does this called, "Mmmm" - no joke, that's its name, but it lets you edit anything in the context menu.  It has a free version and a full version.

Thank you for answering.  Yes, I did miss that Mozilla KB page. 

Salve!  I, too, am very interested in this.  I use two firefox profiles - one for browsing and one for development.  And I use the addon called "ProfileSwitcher" in both profiles.  What that does is that it always pops up firefox's "choose profile" dialog that asks me which profile I want to launch.  It also gives me a toolbar button to allow me to launch another profile - but it doesn't do anything at all about which instance is the "default browser".

Now, whichever profile I launch FIRST on the system - that one will be the default "Firefox".  And if you go to settings and tell ANY Firefox instance to check whether it is the default browser, each and every one will say that it is already default.  The system's "default browser" is only for the browser, not the instance.

This may be a useful link for this thread as it refers to some registry settings.

So I would like to choose which instance of Firefox is the "default browser" via this nice Browser Tray Switch.

I created a thread for this at SuperUser.  We'll see if anyone comes up with an answer!

[I originally posted here, but nobody ever answered... I guess the thread was too old].

Also, it seems that the "default instance" is controlled by Firefox in Application Data\Firefox\profiles.ini.  There is an ini entry there for "default=1".  Problem is that you seem to have to restart all instances of Firefox...

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