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Living Room / Practical Space
« on: July 20, 2021, 09:15 AM »
Today, I thought of a practical value for space - I mean outer space!

I was watching this video where an astrophysicist explains gravity and she mentioned that astronauts actually get taller in space because gravity is not always scrunching their spines.

We all have neck and back problems, right?

Well, what if you could pay someone to put you into anti-gravity for several weeks in order to release all the tension in your neck, back and muscles?  It would be a fitness routine in anti-gravity.  An anti-grav gym!  Think of it!  Go into a special fitness spaceship and get your exercise routines, health-diet, massage therapy and chiropractic for two or three weeks straight.

A fitness-space cruise!

Yeah it would be expensive, but after time things could calm down to a normal consumer level like other gyms.

This would make space to actually have practical value for practical people.  It would pave the way for colonizing the moon - think of the trails we could build on the moon - what kind of exercise would you get for your moon-mountain bike!  The commerce that would be caused in the fitness-space cruise would make it more sustainable for colonizing the moon.  Wouldn't a moon-based campus be more practical and spatious than being cooped up in a teeny modular spaceship?

But really, the space-fitness stuff could be carried out still in close orbit and wouldn't require the resources of a full-fledged spaceship, for now.  All we need for that is an good-sized anti-gravity chamber.

Maybe delete that account and create for them a new one. 

I think the idea of some service trying to log in is most likely.  Maybe they set up a backup program using their AD login and later changed their password, causing the service to fail its login perpetually.

Anyone know how to disable the ad that shows at the bottom of Ron's CSV Editor?  I have the paid version.

Ah, never mind.  I had to re-add the license after I updated it.  Now it's gone.

Jesse, I also appreciate watching you.  You are a joyful person and you can see it in your eyes and face.  I appreciate the videos most for this.  You make me wish I could play games with you (thinking of Gloomhaven).

Actually, I use CentOS with FreePBX for our office phone system (runs on a VM, too!), so I have some small experience with Linux.  But part of my job is admin for M$ stuff, so I can only really dream about going to linux. 

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