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General Software Discussion / Regarding O&O Shutup
« on: December 16, 2021, 11:01 PM »
Do any of you all use O&O Shutup to take care of Windows 10's "inclinations" ?

Check out this review:

Now, I posted a comment at the bottom in the Disqus comments, but the comment was refused - which is why it's not there.

I said something like,
"If O&O Shutup is a Microsoft Gold Partner, then why does Microsoft allow them to remove the spyware that it intended to be in their system."

Okay, I agree that it is a little forward in manner, but the question stands.  The article props up the O&O company as a valuable M$ associate, but the software is designed to actually undo potentially unwanted aspects of the system in ways that are not really available to Windows 10 users without modifying the registry and/or system files.

My intention was to get some insight as to why M$ would allow them to do that.  If M$ allows them, is O&O actually doing what it says?  Can one of you more techie sorts vouch for the Shutup program?  I use it, and it does appear to do the trick - it removes all the ads and nags like it's supposed to.  But how can they be a partner and still do this?

Living Room / Re: Is a Polycom HDX 8000 good for anything?
« on: November 30, 2021, 08:57 PM »
haha, never mind now!  I took them along with a carfull of ancient computers to the computer salvage.

Living Room / Is a Polycom HDX 8000 good for anything?
« on: November 30, 2021, 10:15 AM »
We recently acquired two Polycom HDX 8000 systems, complete with their cameras and microphones.  They are Polycom Video Conferencing Systems.

However, they don't really fit into our communications methods since we only really use MS Teams now.  The polycoms all use H.323 video protocol.

I don't know what to do with them.

Here is a link to what they actually are.

I am tempted take it apart to see inside of everything (and play with the camera lenses) and then throw it all away.

Any ideas?

Living Room / Re: Wordle: simple web word game
« on: November 18, 2021, 09:26 AM »
I got to the 5th try and decided to cheat and used my program called Ballistic to give me a list of words that would fit the spot....
hee hee

Living Room / Re: Practical Space
« on: July 20, 2021, 10:26 AM »
Wonderful! Another thing to keep in mind: we ARE perpetually living IN space, only within a "reality bubble" or "domain" that has gravity.

Just as a brainstorm: Neutralizing/balancing gravity locally may be the best way of preparing a certain local space for a "space gym" within Earth. Sort of leveraging the natural levity dynamic to our advantage (think "centrifugal/centripetal dance" in a very light fluid, first balancing then flipping the side that's winning).
-publicdomain (July 20, 2021, 09:55 AM)

Well, gravity is the problem that is the root cause of our neck and back aches.  It is a moot point that earth has gravity.
We still don't have any kind of real anti-gravity chamber comparable to one of our spaceships.  Nobody will pay to live in a centrifical force tank nor a water tank for weeks on end.  But people *would* pay for a fitness trip to space or near space.

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