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Ah, yeah, I forgot that you had requirements for how the data was stored.

I was sooooo very willing (and still am) to learn to code in Delphi just so I could make some fixes and changes, and I've emailed the authour through the years, but he only ever answered me once or twice and that was it.

The PIM aspects of TreeDBNotes were never fully worked out, I think.  I only ever use the notes part, but I love it.  I have my own toolbar with all my own custom styles.  The tree gives you options to customize the style and icon AND flag of every entry in the tree.  Any entry in the tree can be a folder as well as a note.  And you can put passwords on individual notes.  I love this program and have never found anything else I've liked better.

Getting data *out* of TreeDBNotes, yes, well, it has quite a few options, but they are kind of quirky, I think.  You can output to epub or html, really, that's sort of it.

Also, I wanted to add to this anthology a short list of things I find most useful in my TreeDB Notes - things I try to find in other editors:
  • Paste hyperlink - say you have a url on the clipboard, I want to select text in my editor and "paste they hyperlink" into that selection without using a dialogue box.  I started doing this in TreeDBNotes and I essentially stopped using the bookmark system in my browser.
  • Recognize system url protocols - I like to use callto: links in my notes.  With TreeDBNotes (and Qtext) you can create callto links by just typing callto:xxx-xxx-xxxx (phone number) and it generates the callto link automatically.  This is great for storing contact information with click-to-call that calls that number in your phone application (Phoner Light for me, connected to our Asterisks PBX).
  • Multiple tabs, each with it's own tree - I love this.

I also love custom icons for note entries and folders in the tree.  With TreeDBNotes, I can also paste screenshots right into the editor with no further work (they become embedded as bmps).

I wanted an app for my Android where I could just record simple thoughts without any further activity.  In other words, I just dictate to the phone and it gets changed into text.  For this, I've been using a little app called "Simple Notepad".  It stores all my notes as text files that I can copy to my desktop later (or I could do the Google Drive sync thing.

The one thing on my Android that I tried to avoid was having to sign in to anything ever just to record my thoughts.  That's what stopped me from using OneNote - I was in the woods once and went to record something and it asked me to sign in.  How in the world am I going to remember any password when I have to use a password keeper in the first place - AND - I'm in the woods?  Sometimes I might remember one or two of my 500 passwords, but not when I am in the woods.  So, I started using Simple Notepad.  I don't know if it's the best or not, but I like it enough so far.

Now, on my desktop, I've mentioned before that I use TreeDBNotes - and I've not seen anyone discuss this note-taking application within this awesome thread (this is one of the best threads on DC, in my opinion, and I've monitored it via RSS from the beginning).  The authour quit working on TreeDBNotes some years ago, but it's still out there to be downloaded.  Using this program, I have notes for all of my program development, all my IT and network changes and logs, conversations with techs and agents over the phone, histories of various computers and devices and network management.  I've got an entire notebook dedicated to stories and poems, another notebook dedicated to notes on animals, artwork, etc.  They are my own personal encyclopedias.

hee hee, how's this?

Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. ;adds numbering to existing text
  2. NumberLines(whatstring){
  3.         newstring := ""
  4.         Loop, parse, whatstring, `n
  5.         {
  6.                 newstring := newstring . a_index . a_tab . a_loopfield
  7.         }
  8.         return newstring
  9. }

Are you coding in Autohotkey?  I've written this code before, and for files, in fact.

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