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So, you need a webscraper that can send passwords.


I'm pretty sure you can give it a password.

Once you are into the scraping business, just put it on a timer.

AH - you need an RSS reader, no?

I use QuiteRSS and have for years.  It's how I keep track of what happens on DC.  It's how I get all my tech news and any word of software giveaways.  This way, I get to see all of what is new on nearly any website I want to keep track of.  The RSS Reader goes out to all of those sites and fetches what is new and you get to read it like a little morning newspaper.

QuiteRSS runs on my desktop like an extra browser.  I've tried over a dozen RSS readers and this is the one I've used the longest and am still using.

Fellas, here's one called Effie, and it's giveaway, this Feb 10, 2022 (today):

I'm going to give it a spin.

[update] eh, never mind; I read the comments and the giveaway part is only for 6 months of pro features.  Nah, I'm not interested in any subscription apps.

[updated update]
Actually, I ran the installer, but I can't use it unless I "sign in" with at least my google account.  Nope, not for me, and I'm sure not for this thread.  Sorry for the noise!

Now, I got to TreeDBNotes from good 'ole Keynote (there is a newer app called this, too, and it's completely different).  The old Keynote worked like TreeDBNotes, but would also let you link regular .txt files into it's tree and tab structure.  That was nice.

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