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RSSOwl i liked much better, but that one didn't handle the amount of websites I track through RSS (including the YT channels, there are 109 feeds). So I looked for an alternative and also "landed" on QuiteRSS.

I used RSSOwl but started having problems with it, too.  I didn't want to give it up.  QuiteRSS solves most problems and can handle a LOT of feeds without any issue at all.  It does have its occasional hangups, and the developer doesn't work on it too much, but it still gets a new version every now and then.  The biggest problem I find with it is sometimes the embedded browser doesn't load things, but that's okay since I can always load things in my regular browser with just a button-click.

So, you need a webscraper that can send passwords.


I'm pretty sure you can give it a password.

Once you are into the scraping business, just put it on a timer.

AH - you need an RSS reader, no?

I use QuiteRSS and have for years.  It's how I keep track of what happens on DC.  It's how I get all my tech news and any word of software giveaways.  This way, I get to see all of what is new on nearly any website I want to keep track of.  The RSS Reader goes out to all of those sites and fetches what is new and you get to read it like a little morning newspaper.

QuiteRSS runs on my desktop like an extra browser.  I've tried over a dozen RSS readers and this is the one I've used the longest and am still using.

Fellas, here's one called Effie, and it's giveaway, this Feb 10, 2022 (today):

I'm going to give it a spin.

[update] eh, never mind; I read the comments and the giveaway part is only for 6 months of pro features.  Nah, I'm not interested in any subscription apps.

[updated update]
Actually, I ran the installer, but I can't use it unless I "sign in" with at least my google account.  Nope, not for me, and I'm sure not for this thread.  Sorry for the noise!

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